Elena vs the world



Are there any good Elena players in the pomona, chino hills region of that could help me out one of these days.also help me out with any sites that have sweet Elena vids besides the one at mopreme’s site. thx


go to camelot on thursday to see combofiend.

it’s straight down the 57 to the 91… if you leave before 5, it should only take you about 20 min to get there.


combofiend, u brute!

i hear combofiend’s a BEAST w/ elena. anyone know where i can get some footage of his beastly elena in action?

i used to be an elena player a while back, but my bag-o-tricks r empty now and i need some “new stuff” to get me going again.



combofiend, u brute!

Combofiend’s Elena can be found at:



http://www.bustkaratedojo.net/ (but you need to have BitTorrent to get this vid)

I have a good amount of “tricks” with Elena, but I’m a whore and have been keeping it to myself or sharing it with a select few Anteaters at UCI’s ZotZone. Maybe I’ll get around to making an Elena vid sometime or share some of my tricks when there’s footage of my Elena floating around.


My Elena OWNZ

Throw into healing = best combo EVAH!!!1111one


Combofiend’s Elena isn’t that good I think I could beat it.


…ok… then walk up to him and ask for a casual match =/ u know he owns with her, shit, elena is pretty good if played right, shes one of the ppl that can actually tickthrow in 3s… lk, throw, lk, throw