I am starting to use Elena and I want to know a few tactics when fighting some of the big boys, namely Urien and Ken. Right now my only strat is a mid-range high/low style with toward+strong and foward overheads, the slide and dash-grabs.

But what else can I do to add more mix-ups and pressure to the offense?

And what are the best ways for her to fight Urien and Ken?


b.HK, excellent for anti wake ups if you do it a bit early

  • it has anti throw animation
  • it is still hard to counter if they parry, because it is fast and you move backwards out of their range.
  • jumps over low attacks(especially good if they’re one of those annoying c.mk/c.hk Urien pokers).
  • trades with uppercuts (damage in your favour)

I am a Strong Elena player and I only seem to have probs. with shoto cats Ken, Ryu, Akuma and I think the best way to deal with Urien is to play your game and wait for the opportunities to strike first Super Art 2 is prob. the best super beacuse it has hella range. I would like to know more about her if you or any one else knows any tricks with her please let me know, and I will do the same.


I play elena as my second character but I still know some stuff with her. One of my favorite things to do is jumping roundhouse as a air to air move. If if hits rigth before they land dash under them then do ducking short sa2 or play some mind games like UOH ducking short sa2 or just wait for them to land and kara throw them. Her kara throw is also really good I use Toward+forward. Also the first hit of standing strong can be cancelled into hcb+kk. But what I mainly look for is ducking short sa2 or her kara throw.

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**Also the first hit of standing strong can be cancelled into hcb+kk.

See I learn something everyday, thanx man for the info!


I’d say Healing’s her best super because she always gets a full life gain for free after a throw. Once you grab somebody, you can buffer into Healing so it’s done right when they hit the ground. She doesn’t even have to cancel that shit because it works so fast, they won’t have time to get up and hit her out of it.


never thought of that…