Down fierce is all i know that beats most of her pokes in this match.

oro’s standing mp beats a ridiculous amount of shit

I can’t see it beating Elena’s b+HK. I think u just kinda have to play this match similar to how you would vs. Chun. You already know she destroys your pokes and jump in game. You just have to wiggle in past her whiffed pokes and get in that close s.MP to do damage.

get out!

Far strong gets owned up i think down fierce is better and its fast. and other elena tips guys someone. I have a very strong feeling that someone is going to pick elena on me in the next tourney.

I get owned by Elenas too, I just poke with far strong alot and mix up with air stomp on wakeup. She’s got a pretty big hitbox and that seems to work.

Same attack, no?

ex uppercuts and lots of projectiles. dash back projectile. dash in ex uppercut. karaUOH, dash back projectile. partitioning and good buffering skills really helps this fight. personally I use SA2 against her usually just for zoning. mix up the yagyou with projectiles to keep her off ya.