Elena's great after all



…in the past what makes people think she’s low tier ??
now she’s close to top or middle , simply below ibuki’s tier … and above alex …

and A.I Elena reign supreme on ‘dreamy players’ …like me , she got perfect in stage 6-7 , i would rather pick elena than akuma to fight with , i use alex …


rubber baby buggy bumpers


but why she no do flashy combos like the thonged one in real match play?


No, no, fool… she’s way better than ibuki. Ibuki deals taunt damage, elena deals dudley damage.

I have no idea why people thought she was low tier in the past… perhaps they didn’t know about her ex juggle until recently? Her kara throw and back roundhouse by themselves almost qualify her for the middle. Her overheads and her dash complete the package.

Tragically, my opinion dictates that she’s not upper-middle, but squarely middle. She doesn’t have any terrible matchups, but she’s generally an offensive character, and doesn’t have an easy (read: easy) or reliable hit-confirm. And while she can dish it out, her damage is restricted to the ex combos and supers. Don’t overestimate her as a character.


she can’t match up with ken …
i haven’t tried using her …
i can’t practic her …

ok just a question …what are her standing-attacks that can be cancelled into sa1, brave dance ??



LP,and LK have to be done pretty fast but work pretty sweet. it looks really cool of when you hit it off her LK cause her leg barely moves and and then then your doing the super.
MP is two hits, to connect to the super you gotta execute the super before the second hit
B-RH, highly rare, your opp must be crouching and sometimes in the corner, requires testing
UOH gotta be at a distance where her shadow and the opp shadow barley overlap


You forgot the easiest and most important one, crouching strong, cancels late easily.


How about we see a random guard video? Just humor me and I’ll be satisfied.


A) It’s (reportedly) not as easy on DC.

B) There is plenty of footage of Streak and Combofiend (and hell, even me) canceling low strong into super on reaction in matches.


This is correct, simply because nothing’s as easy on DC. If you have great reactions you can still get this one down though, it’s not as hard as Ken’s low forward or something.

And to people asking about tiers, AFAIK, Elena hasn’t really been thought of as low-tier in Japan for awhile. Nobody uses her just because she plays very much like Chun-Li, except nowhere near as good. She’s still not bad though.




Since old videos aren’t available on karathrow, I’d have to find them elsewhere. However I do remember seeing some, and while I don’t remember any matches with you in them, there were several times when combofiend and streak had their brave dances blocked (not just the brave dance, low strong as well). Well, maybe it was you, I don’t think there were nametags in the videos.


I certainly didn’t mean to imply that any of us are perfect. Anyone can screw up a combo (even Hsien (OK, maybe not Hsien)). The point is, it’s a hell of a lot more reliable than, say, Elena’s low short into super, or Ken’s low forward, etc. You get a noticeably longer time to cancel than on a “standard” normal. I’m afraid I don’t understand why you find this so hard to believe.


My logic is that if it’s not nailed 99% of the time, it’s not easy, at least in general. As an example, Remy’s links are easy, with the possible exception of close fierce, because they give you enough of a window to succeed in linking at an almost perfect success rate. I do acknowledge that it is easier than ken’s low forward, etc.

And to explain the unreliable part: If they’re crouching around max range when you hit the low strong and late cancel into super, there’s a small chance they’ll recover and block the brave dance. If they’re standing at around max range when you late cancel, there’s a fair chance that the brave dance won’t connect. What I meant when I said “unreliable” wasn’t related to a person’s ability to react.

My main beef was the semantics of ‘easy’ in this case. I took issue because I believe that my interpretation would coincide with most of the general populous that are attempting to learn elena, or at the very least with thedude.com. I guess the point would be to save a couple quarters from people who go into the arcade thinking they can do it straight off, and prevent people from getting discouraged or confused if something regarded as easy wouldn’t work on the first however many attempts.


what are the important thing in her defence … ? and prevention

what are her method of rush down …
K-throws …
fakes …

she can do 2 hit jump-in on crouching characters …what is the command ??

elena sure can 2 hit jump-in with air-round house …


air chains
lp, mk works best for jump in when opp as been parrying your jump in, the second hit will get them unless the expect the second hit in which case you just don’t do the second hit and they will dash or move forword when they tried to parry and you can throw
mp,hp works great air to air , mp priority is huge and then the hp will reset them and you will land first so you can start mix up.
and of course the awsome amazing hk, two hit great for air to air and for jump in


ok man , i’m gonna start practicing …

don’t tell me she had chain combos that can be chain into a super ?

are most of her movelist sucks ? in your opinion ?


None of her chains can cancel into a super, but you might be able to link the fierce-rh chain into super on some opponents.

A lot of her moves are pretty good, actually, but one of her best pokes otherwise can be parried both high and low… her standing forward. It’s fast in and out, has very good range and good priority when at its furthest, but watch out because they parry it either way and you die.

Standing strong, good to throw out as an anti-air and when close (only, because if they’re crouching it will probably miss completely and then they’ll give you a super). Standing short is excellent, but also suffers from the parry problem. Standing rh is arguably as good as oro’s.

As for crouching, she doesn’t have a bad normal, except perhaps fierce. Would make a good meaty because it cannot be parried low and jams a lot of moves, but it has too few hitframes. It stuns well, so perhaps you can work it into your gameplan somehow.

Don’t play defensively unless you lose the priority battle. You can rush against urien and makoto, but be careful against dudley (keep him outside of his range and inside yours, c.forward is great here). Be careful against ken because of the insane c.forward super guys, but backing yourself into a corner won’t help. Hope he jumps, mix it up, and knock him down to gain the advantage. Not quite sure how to best the yun crowd, but a well-timed back+rh can counter dive kicks, and be prepared to do c.short super when he leaves himself open.


some more cool stuff.
c.WK fast, high priority and and even connects to supper
c.MK slower, ok priority (beats out shoto c.mk and uriens crouch moves, most of the time) but again slower and doesn’t connect to super,
god bless c.WK and c.MK for lookin so similar, notice i said look, they have very different timing properties. but the awsome part is that after your opp realizes that her c.WK (use her c.wk alot, not easy to parry very fast) is faster than most of their crouching moves and they decide to just block and wait till you make a mistake use a c.MK if it hits, woot but if it does hit it will push you far enough so youre overheads are in a better range, this is a trick you can see the AI use, and it works bizzle, if you watch better players go in arcade mode after they are finnished bitch slapping everyone (including me :frowning: ) the usually choose to fight elena and they actualy have trouble against her. the things the comp does sometimes can have thier place in actual play,
c.mk (block pushes you back) t-MK or t-mp
my post are too long, o well reading is good for you


I love Elena, but she’s got issues - namely, shoto/Chun-Li issues :frowning: I’ll still use her on those fights, but baby Jesus cries when EX spin scythe misses a crouching Chun and then I get supered.


Elena’s main weakness is that she lacks a low hit confirmation, so basically your opponent can block high all the time and NEVER get hit by a “confirmed” super. you will have to random them with a low short hail mary xxsuper, out prioritize or punish pokes, get them to try and throw or tech throw, or miss a parry. and she takes damage like a little girl. the hit confirms that i use are…

Fierce >> super (this one is good because she can hit you from years away)

Roundhouse >> super (one or two hits) use one hit at a distance to mix up your timing with the jumping fierce.

strong fierce air chain >> super (character specific, or parry parlor trick on any character (get 'em to parry your forward, hopefully hit with the roundhouse >>super)

forward kick cross-up>> super (you can even throw in a low or standing short it would look like… cross-up forward kick, low shortxxsuper, i prefer the link)

low strong >> super (hits mid though :frowning: )

UOH >> super (distance specific or meaty hit)

mid kick or roundhouse mallet smash >> super (you gotta get trick them into trying to tech. your throw if you are going to try this one, otherwise it’s ass)

all of the above can be performed just as reliably as, shoto short, shortxxsuper, or Chun’s low forwardxxsuper with practice. i can do it on arc and dc and i am way old.

#1 solution to make your Elena better…
Choose Chun.