Elena's Links

Could someone post elena’s links and how much damage they do?
here are teh ones I know of:

low strong -> super
UOH -> super

UOH -> low short

In addition to c.mp and her UOH, she can link into Brave dance off the strong, fierce, and ex versions of her mallet smash, and off of her f.mk overhead as well (but only when you do the f.mk meaty). That’s all I know of…

i saw a combo vid where she does her hp-hk chain and goes into super , it was on akuma i don’t know if it makes a differance
also b-hk can be linked but it has to be crouching and meaty

I believe you can also link f.mk -> super if it is done meaty.

Is this thread complete? Anything else?

c.mp isnt a link, its a late cancel


riiiiise from your graaave…

c.lk also cancels into sa2 (or it’s hit confirmable, i dunno exactly)

Yeah c.LK->SA2 is hit confirmable, but it’s a cancel not a link.

Okay, I’ve heard of people hit-confirming Ken’s low forward, but no one can tell me crouching LK is hit confirmable. No fucking way.

There is no fucking way you can Hit-Confirm Cr.Lk

EDIT: C = Close or Crouch?

I’m guessing Close?

crouching Lk. It’s doable. Shit is not easy, but you’ve got a decent window, and that’s her only cancel-able low. Not really worth trying with anything besides SA2.

seriously, it works for both crouch and close Lk

it works for SA1 too…

also it’s a good thing to use for bar filling and poking… (cancelling it into lk.scratch wheel)

it’s not that hard after you’re used to it