Elena's matchups

I am heading to a tournament this weekend, so let’s have a quick refresher on what Elena should basically keep in mind vs. the rest of the cast. What do you guys suggest against everyone?

spam back roundhouse :smiley:

  • Don’t forget how potent your Dash into KaraThrow can be; you can actually reach your opponent from the starting position with it, and it’s fast enough to get people who aren’t on their toes.

  • Pay mind to character widths…Roundhouse and Back Roundhouse only have killer range on normal width characters and beyond, but on say, Chun-Li, you have to be really close, or you’ll whiff and eat an SA2. Not much fun :confused:

  • For that matter, remember that her Roundhouse kicks don’t have any active frames above her, so if someone jumps in from really close, your best bet is to use S. Strong, Parry into Back Roundhouse, or Dash under.

  • Remember that your sweep is safe to virtually everything but reversal supers on block if you’re far enough away.

  • Know your overheads…T. Strong is generally safe on hit and block, but has slow startup. T. Forward is perfect safe on hit and has GREAT startup, but isn’t safe on block. Since you use Brave Dance, don’t forget how effective UOH into super can be, since you’ll wanna be aggressive after your knockdowns anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Be sure to refer to the Elena thread for decent Spin Scythe combos that don’t use too much EX and stuff, cos you’ll never know what situation you’ll be in; best to just know what you can do. Also, know where they leave your opponent afterwards (For example, EX Spin Scythe, /\ J. Strong -> J. Fierce will reset your opponent).

And, that’s all I can think of. Good luck, man!

good advice shankin
don’t forget hit confirm perfection, meaning knowing distance that it will it at, height adjustments (for crouching shorties like chun, yun, yang etc.)

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