Elena's throw

is her throw better than other people’s throws?


Hers and Chun-Li’s are absolutely the best normal throws in the game.

Any reasons why? Whos throw is the worst? hows dudley’s throw? I dunno these general things because its not on the wiki

Her Kara throw is just too good. Foward Mid Kick + throw after a light kick is insane set up

Yeah, it’s pretty much her kara-throw. It’s hard to tell if it’s longer or shorter than Chun-Li’s, but it’s definitely the best or second best throw in the game.

Check out Jinrai’s old post in the general strategy here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=104895

His data puts Q’s back strong kara as the longest in the game, Chun is second with standing forward, and Elena and Oro are tied for third with toward forward and standing forward, respectively.

Edit: later he states that the effective ranges on Q’s and Chun’s throws are the same, since her normal throw range is slightly longer than Qs.

i assume this data is all for 3rd frame kara cancels right? does anyone have data for 1st and 2nd frame kara cancels? I imagine not, cause only scrubs like me occasionally kara too early.

O/T wat does she say when she’s brave dancing?

“Shall we dance?” I believe is the quote she says when you execute the super, someone please correct me if I’m wrong…

“Shall we dance? Hoo hey hah! Hoo hey hah hoo hey chaaaaaaa!”

ur all wrong read my quote

so then is her normal, non kara throw, the same as everyone elses?

no http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=104895

All that’s been said about Q, Ho, and Oro’s throw games being held as true, I have to say that the animation factor of Elena’s Kara Throw is a really, really nice bonus. Getting people to block on reaction to f.MK’s start-up is a nice perk.

…and the option select parry benefit is too good.

3 frames of animation is almost impossible to see, and comprehend, 1/10th of a second reaction time is unreal

That’s funny, ‘cause I see it every single time I do it, and my main SF3 opposition friggin’ HATES it ‘cause it causes him a gut check when HE sees it comin’.

…it’s not the blocking that counts, but rather the opponent’s gut check - the attempt to block or to otherwise react in a way that gets 'em tossed/hit.

Not being able to comprehend it, as you say, is what makes it good.

sweet its like you didnt get my post at all

…by all means - elaborate. :confused: :rofl:

Or, mayhap, you could punctuate in a manner lending itself towards clarification of your thought/thoughts?

…either that, or the insertion of a simple “agreed” thrown in there - if that was the gist of your post - would suffice.

it’s pretty clear what he’s saying. there is no benefit of the three frames of animation of the f.mk (which is then cancelled into the kara-throw) because they’re so fast, neither you nor your opponent can see them.

perhaps you’re referring to the spacing involved in a kara-throw/overhead mix-up. by spacing yourself away the extra kara-distance, it gives the impression that you might throw a f.mk overhead since you are so far, which baits a parry or block, which you throw them out of. they never see the beginning of a f.mk though, until maybe after the fact.