Elevator Buttons? ^^

This is prolly an unusually dumb post…

Has anyone tried to make a stick with elevator buttons (lol, iono)
Specifically the buttons that you don’t actually ‘push’ rather it senses touch?
I’ve been searching for an online retailer that sell part of elevators… but no luck as of yet.

Has anyone tried this before? Is it possible?

Sounds like a really cool mod/diy idea to me. Trying calling up some local elevator repair people?

I guess thats an idea ^^ but no way I’m moving forth on this yet (have no idea how an elevator button wires/works… prolly not too different)

You can make the pause button emergency stop.

lol, I was actually thinking the same thing

With no type of feedback, I think you might have trouble. I mean look at touch screen systems such as an iphone. The reason those work is because you are looking at it while you are playing. If you had a stick, it would totally suck to keep having to look down to see if you are touching a button or not.

I thought this might work cause I think the buttons are concave…
I’m pretty sure if anyone made a stick with elevator buttons it will definitely lack effectiveness (but still I wanna see a stick with elevator buttons ^^)

Specifically I thought these buttons

Would look nice on an aluminum top stick (probably won’t work well enough to use…but for s**** and giggles)

They look like you would have to really hit them hard, they look cool though :D, but I imagine trying to do quick taps with them would be virtually impossible.

^^ lol did someone try to scratch out the 98 in that elevator?

anyone live in a apartment complex or work at a place with elevator with similar buttons? ^^ do you mind going out and checking how fast they respond (try to see if you can pull off a dp with the elevator ^^)…
but yea I think the response time would be awfully slow (or it could be really fast…iono)

jeez how many floors are there?

These buttons would pose a problem… most players hover the fingers over the buttons, without depressing them.

If a simple touch would activate the button, it would be detrimental.

i don’t mean to rain on your parade, but I don’t mind pissing in cornflakes

Elevator at my work has buttons just like that. And yes, you do have to push them. They aren’t just touch sensitive. They just require very light pressure.

The problem would be that they’re so sensitive you don’t feel any sort of feedback when pressing the button. Might not be for everybody.

simple touch activates sanwas though …

dejeckt, I wouldn’t say that your idea is dumb. I toyed around with a similar idea myself with vending machine buttons since I saw a vending machine with REALLY NICE buttons on my school campus. However, I’m willing to believe that the activation of the buttons, be it elevator or vending machine, would be different enough from our standard microswitch arcade button that it would require not only different mounting, but a new way to wire it up. Not to mention you’ll have to find some sort of power supply if you intend on keeping that LED glow effect. So it’d be undeniably cool if you could do it, but I think that you’ll need to invest a considerable amount of work to get it done.

Mixah once made a thread because he realized his school’s elevators used happ buttons.

It’s still a switch though.

I assume the OP is talking about touch sensitive in a way that a touchscreen LCD, or the wheel on the old ipod would be.

It’s a different feel. You still have to physically move the sanwa button to get it to go down, it just requires almost no weight.

Some elevator buttons don’t give when you push them, so they feel like they’re touch sensitive (like a pulse sensitive or optical sensor mechanism).

It’s definitely a neat idea. I don’t think they’d be very condusive to mashing or double-tapping though.

This reminds me… there was a thread last year where people were talking about everyday things/places where they’ve seen arcade buttons being used… I think somebody mentioned they rode an elevator that had Happ parts in it. :lol:

If an elevator had Happ parts in it then an arcade stick can have ottis parts ^^

Yea overall I do agree that this isn’t the most feasible idea nor is it cost efficient (pretty sure the cost of elevator buttons would be a shiny penny)