Elf vs Sim 6-4?



Hey, guys.

I’ve recently gotten into playing Fuerte, since he is the most fun I’ve had with any of the SF cast. I’ve gotten most of his standard punishes down, except the RSF (Only can do three hits), and I can usually safe-tortilla and cross-up splash quite consistently.

However, I was playing a great Dhalsim player yesterday and I got absolutely destroyed. I was also suprised to see that EH gives this matchup a 6-4 in Fuerte’s favour… Could you guys explain why this is? Is there some way to lock Dhalsim down that I don’t know about…?

I mean, Dhalsim has the teleport, to stop him from ever being sucked into the “wake-up vortex”, and it seems that his cross-up air teleport into HP combo was just asbolutely destorying me yesterday. Of course, I can block it, but it seems that even if I blocked an entire string and teched every grab, I’d never find an opening.

Any advice?


there are ways to stop Dhalsim from teleporting on wakeup. I don’t have the timing down for it myself as my Dhalsim experience is limited, but j.HP run option select works so that if he teleports backwards you’ll chase him down and you can punish, and if he stays there blocking the run won’t come out and you can continue the blockstring. The way it works is that you input the run right after you input the HP or something, and I think you have to continue the blockstring on the ground with kicks, otherwise the run will still come out, I’m not very familiar with it yet, so perhaps better fuerte players can comment on it.


The way I play against sim is:

1.Stay full screen and build as much meter as you can.
2.Usually while im building meter, they tend to just throw fireballs, so just get them in the rhythm of it and do a wall jump and do a tick grab or some nice run pressure strings
3.If you see the Sim player walking up, chances are hes just gonna try to poke you with s.fp or if he does a fireball, just BLOCK. otherwise you’ll eat a j.mp or s.rh.
4.If you built bars early, you can ex run outta there (usually corner). just anticipate a jump after he pokes you during your super armor, then run stop jump and air grab.
5.IF he does the teleport behind you trap, just press jab when he does it, itll knock him outta the air.
6.MIXNG UP SIM: the only mixups you should use are: cr.rh, f+mk , sf. rh ||||| if you slide and he teleports, you could just slide again and you’ll hit him. you want him to get cautious of the mixups. so you want to let him know that jumping/ focusing / teleporting are not safe. Once you feel he knows that, its back to air mixups for more damage. tortillas HURT sim hard. 6 of those and hes done for the round.

My Opinions of this match:
Getting in is hard as fuck against good sim’s. you gotta be alot more patient against him than any other character. just read the patterns and always think ahead. even if there smart enough to change there patterns constantly, just try to read for there next one. Once sims on the groun, 40% of his health is gonna be down with all those mixups. BLOCKING will be your best friend in this match. just take chips from yoga fires, better than eating 90 damage each jump in.

notables: from full screen, if you see a fireball, just wall jump wit a fierce elbow. his jump speed is ass and the most he cud do is block/ slide / or standing roundhouse (which will trade most of the time) its a great risk to pay just to get in. and dont be scared to use EX runs, there probably your best tool to get in. remember, sim doesnt do alot of damage, even though fuerte has the same amount of health, just take a chance. Fuerte has never won a match full screen, unless running away =D. but yeah thats everything, hope it helps.


One of the many tips against Sim:

If Sim’s neutral jumping in the air and you think run tostada is a good idea… DON’T.
Sim is just going to teleport and hit you as you recover from your whiffed tostada.

Just do some run stops to see what he does and force him to the corner.


I’ll do a writeup on sim in the matchup section pretty soon. His teleport is really really unsafe, you should be baiting that like a dragon punch and punishing it all day. The cliff notes version of the strat is 1. build meter 2. ex run straight to him 3. punish teleports 4. don’t get hit with his super.


I find I can destroy Dhalsim pretty easy if I can get in. Only IF I can get in.
Random wall jumps will be punished. His fireball recovery is slow though so wait for that chance.
Agreed, build meter, EX Run in on him and keep getting in his face.

Don’t think about splashing and Tortillas too much. On his wakeup it’s actually easier to just run in his face and shower kick, throw, meaty slide or even spam LP. He teleports, run after him and most of the time you can get at least a slide kick in.

I’m waiting for halcyonryu’s writeup. :slight_smile: