ElFuerte Nerfed

It is my imagination or the “Tostada Press” and “Fajita Buster” got nerfed specially with Shotos in SSF4

I’ve done several tests and I can see is now easier to counter the attacks with the Shoryuken

somebody can confirm this?

its always been that way

Tostada Crunch? Sounds tasty

Not nerfed at all. Actually I enjoy playing him more now then ever. No longer do I have to play 100% perfect the entire match and have 1 slip up and the games over. secretly working on super armor traps with fuerte’s u2

I think Tostada always ate SRKs unless you did cross up Tostada. Same for Fajita

its always been punishable! cross ups and all! learn to mix it up and if you get countered, o well.