Eliminating Random Tactics

I made this thread in order for me and others to add advice about dealing with random strategies.

This was something I did yesterday at the arcade.

Blanka vs. Sagat:
Sagat rolls xx lvl 2 Tiger Raid super. When you see it coming do st. RH with Blanka. You have to make sure his hands aren’t touching the ground when the super flash starts. The RH will hit clean and no more super for Sagat.

s.HK 1300,1200 -6/-6
37 frames total

Blanka’s foot starts just above the ground, so when Blanka’s hands aren’t touching the ground, he can go over low attacks.
The RH is 37 frames total, appears to have lower body invincibility and can be hit at startup and recovery.

This could also eliminate K Sagat random low jump, tiger raid.

Cute, but sounds a little hard and risky to do on reaction.

if you could see that coming, why not just block it?

pressing s.roundhouse to punish a roll (obviously after the roll has finished) or after an empty jump seems kind of risky. What if they rull throw or roll uppercut? What about the freeze frames where the game doesnt accept inputs? It seems like something that would only happen randomly…

:lol: haha yeah…eliminating random tactics with…random tactics…

hmmm. I shouldn’t have said that. Sorry man…anything that can be useful should be posted…

Here’s a secret of mine…
Rock’s standing jab beats Sagat’s s. lk.
But anyway, I like that s. roundhouse idea with Blanka…thanks for sharing =)

Speaking of Rock…
Rock’s st. jab beats Sagats tiger knee
Hibiki st. short trades with Cammy’s cannon spike(forward or RH version)

And yes, I understand some stuff is random. I meant to activate, but a RH came out and hit it. But if you can get the timing down, it could be useful.

Well if were doing something, heres my share. Kyo’s far s.rh beats Blankas cr.fp, yes cr.fp

C.Fp actually secretly has shitty priority. It’s mostly used as a whiff punisher anyway. The tip of Kyo’s foot is invince, so yeah of course it loses.

I’m not sure if the tip of kyo’s foot is invincible, becuase if thats true, fireballs would kinda go through until it hit his leg. But what I dooo know is that his foot has a detatched hitbox, wich gives it super prioty…MeH K kyo iS tEh besTest In teH wUrldZ.

It is. (the tip being invince).