Eliminating those Ragnoraks, wall climbs and the alike

Every Strider player knows that there will be times that the wall climb and ragnorak would unintentionally come out and often times its a killer.

This thread here is for all you strider players to give out tips on how to avoid getting those unintended moves.

my tips

  • when going for the bird or tiger xx orbs, make sure you do a full qcf + 2p or else it’ll register as a ragnorak. you can “feel” the difference if you did it right

  • when doing the blocked chain into teleport, make sure to hit BACK first, then swing the joystick down and then d/b to teleport. you have to get the feel of the teleport.

-wavedashing into teleport is much harder as you cant really feel your motion for the teleport. but make sure you hit back first to initiate the command for the teleport or else you’ll get a wall climb.

i hope this helps some of you and if you have additional tips, please feel free to share them.

I think the best way to avoid doing Ragnarok is to do a half-circle motion for the Ouroboros. By going all the way back on the joystick, you negate any chance at getting a Ragnarok since back isn’t part of its motion, whereas doing qcf+k, qcf+pp still hits all the joystick points necessary for the dp motion used for Ragnarok. I actually deliberately do qcf+k, qcf+pp to do a Ragnarok (corner combo).

Correct me if I’m wrong…


good idea clockwork =)

when i do anything like cancel dog into orbs, i always let go of the joystick completely to let it spring to neutral before i input the motion for orbs.

i’ve done it both ways and they both seem to work but i think the half circle is easier to get used to ,as leaving it nutural is a tab harder since its easier to mess up with. learning both way is the best way to go so either way u try it , u’ll have ur own way if one works good for one person it may not for another . well at least ragnarok got 0 lag at the end if that even helps…
but the wall climb is a killer. i dunno y they even put it in the game, i get my whole match corrupted if that happens .u cant even get down safely unless u kick off rite away while dooms out.or…bye bye strider.
when i was first learning this team these problems were my worst at the time .but no matter how much they are controled u cannot absolutely prevent it. it WILL happen every once in while but it will lessin the chances.

the wall climb is a pain in the ass. but if you really wanted to remove it from happening at all, you can use the kick teleports instead…downside is you can’t come down with a slash but then again they might expect you to come down and that’s when you low kick them. but i only do the kick teleports with the orbs on…somehow i don’t feel as safe teleporting low…

clockw0rk, i’m guessing that the ragnorak comes out for you when u do qcf+k, qcf+2p because you input it ultra fast and/or you only went up to d/f.

snakeshotpeople, its been said that ragnorak is almost as bad as the wallclimb, if not, worse. a fucked up ragnorak against magneto or storm = game over. wall climb is worse against cable and maybe sentinel.

Also, in case you didn’t know, there’s a way to get off the wall blocking. By doing the wall to wall move or whatever (on the wall, B, F) twice, you jump off the wall in normal jump mode, meaning you can double jump and call assist. Though this isn’t really gonna save you from getting killed (dashing from wall to wall still leaves you extremely vulnerable), it might save you here and there, esp if your opponent doesn’t know about it.


i can c how the ragnarok can b as terrible as the wall climb. but when they and both are contained the wall climb seems to come out more.but ya ur rite u can b just as deadly.
the teleport with the kicks is probibly of less use to me now then ever cuz of the punishment i get if i get caught in the end lag of it so i try t cut down on useing it but its probibly a good idea doin it with orbs on.
the best thing to really do is just practice the ways until u got them under control but it will never b 100% under control like i said above.
ya it sure is risky dashing across from wall to wall but is it worth the risk ?

confused about wavedashing, and im sure thisll get me called newbie tons of times, but when wave dashing, its dash , down dash right? do u actually see the sprite crouch? or does it look like one whole dash?

that would be correct. you will see the sprite crouch.