Elisabeth and Mature revealed. new site and trailer


CHECK THE LOWER RIGHT arrow link for a video of Elisabeth and Mature in action near the end of the new trailer


The new console website details modes, online play, and other things.

This is definitely not all, many expect K’ and Mai to be revealed at E3, since various sources point out that there are over 22 characters, and rumors of 6 planned for the console version. And the mentioning of hidden characters (therefore, Mature and Elisabeth don’t count as hidden characters since they have their own box in the select screen).

but some say the number 6 is referring to amount of players in online lobbies,
so chances are, if K’ and Mai are not on the disk, they might be added through DLC.

The artwork hints seem to strongly suggest they are the hidden characters, though. so there is a good chance there will be 4 added characters instead of 2.

The one thing the new trailer displays that the online section doesn’t mention are the Clan online features, which is still unknown how it works, but clearly displayed in the main menus of the video.

Good. You found the section.:party:

Mature looks like @$F :annoy:

She was such a cool design :wasted:

The new character art for both Elizabeth and Mature is less to my liking, but when you see them ingame… gorgeous. I think Mature is going to be on my team with Duo Lon.

Man I wish Adelheid and Angel were in. I would be set. (extremely unlikely but I can dream.)

yes elizabeth :rock:

hopefuly mai is in too

Iori/Elizabeth/Mai ftw! :lovin:

Also the gallery section in the trailer shows 3 empty spaces… Maybe K’, Mai and the boss… I Hope so but will really miss Kula and King anyway.

24 + Boss would be great, like both KOF 94’ (it’s re-birth after all) and SFIV (because it will be a source of comparison).
One of the questions that remains is to know if hidden characters will be available for online play/tournament.

Mature’s face looks disturbingly… innocent… in her artwork. It’s like “Wow… that increases the deviousness of her fighting 10 fold!” Elisabeth’s face is SLIGHTLY weird looking to me, but not in a really negative way. It’s just more like they actually have tried to give her strong facial features.

Watching them both in action was gorgeous. Beth’s specials light up the opponent nicely (Maybe a BIT overdone?), and I love seeing her being able to warp through fireballs. Characters with less moves, get more purpose out of said moves. Of course, I guess we don’t know if it STILL counters normal blows too… but I like seeing these minor changes.

And then Mature… loved the Godpress special effect, and her jumping slash looks slick. I like her outfit, also. SNK has all these women, wearing clothing that you could reasonably FIGHT in… (Save for Athena, y’know…) and that’s actually rather great to see. It looks a LOT more sensible than C.Viper’s outfit, even… Sexy without trying too hard.

They’re continuing to make choices and decisions that are aganist the grain. I love this, it’s like they’re saying “We’re making what we WANT to make, not some focus-group inspired nonsense!” It’s so rare to see in the professional world, it’s so nice and bold, makes me wanna buy 2 copies! XD

Good! More characters!
What’s up with the eyepatch? Iori did it or would did she took over her boss’s job? Hey I won’t mind she getting her own version of genocide cutter.

I’m excited to hear KoF12 is getting more ladies added to its roster. Looks like Mature survived death from Riot Iori, hence the eyepatch?

I’m still waiting for confirmation on Mai and K’, but they will most likely make the cut since SNK has dropped big hints about them being in the game.

On the intro page for KoF12 however, you can clearly see Blue Mary, Geese, Angel, Chang, Choi, Shermie, and Maxima in the background of the intro picture. Hopefully they make the cut also? I also think that the boss character will be Adelheid Bernstein, since that would go along with the story-line.

So the 20 arcade characters plus 11 console-exclusive characters plus 1 boss character would equal 32 characters total. That number sounds about right for a KoF roster. There’s no way KoF12 will have less characters than SFIV.

I don’t know what KOF would be without Mai.

Although, I normally don’t have wishlists for characters, but, mannnn, (espeically if K’ is a possibility) I want Kula.

I still hope the Oswald is in this game, but Andy and Robert make it much easier to deal with.

I really want Rock Howard to make the final cut but that’s wishful thinking !!!

I don’t particularly care for Mature’s hair or at least the little froop (for lack of a better word) coming out up front and dangles down. I never got a good feel for Elizabeth but I don’t mind her. If I could only get Blue Mary I’d be happy.


with that eye patch she now looks more like gang member. I think have seen it before in anime girls who belong to a gang wear these patches or cover their faces with surgical masks

that must be the direction snk wanted to take with mature I dunno


I find myself not minding how Mature’s hair dangles!

don eeven know who elizabeth is

I am liking that sexy secretary outfit mature is rocking

she was in XI. she was teamed up with benimaru and duo long


Mature looks even more bad-ass than she has looked before and they got rid of Elizabeth’s ridiculous chest bearing XI outfit. July 7th couldn’t come any faster, on my birthday none-the-less.

PS: Hope that Mature comes complete with a Vice!

Loving Mature with the eye-patch! Can’t wait for this game to come out!