Elitist Attitude Holds SRK back from greatness

You know who they are. They come into a thread touting their opinion as fact, shitting on X game. You can sense their misdirected anger and hostility towards new people through their words. Instead of welcoming newcomers, they are treated as inferior or scrubby, without even knowing who they are.

Part of what makes a community great is peace, understanding, and friendship. Everyone who posts here is united by a common bond, a love of fighting games. When you come here, you immediately have something in common with everyone else.

There is little need for hostility and anger towards noobs or those opinionated individuals who do not share the same opinion as yourself. There is a saying, opinions are like well, you know the rest. Everyone has one.

This is something I’ve had to deal with since joining SRK in 2004, and it’s something that has to go. Seriously, if you can’t be civil you don’t need to be posting here. I’m so sick of elitists. We all know who they are, we all secretly can’t stand them, but yet we tolerate them because they may be good or well known players. I don’t care what your credentials are, nothing gives you the right to be an asshole, even on an internet message board.

It’s funny and true at the same time, people are so much different in person. That’s because if you went around presenting yourself like some do on this message board, you wouldn’t have very many friends.

Maybe this post is a little too touchy feely for some, but I think a lot of us can agree on this. It’s no secret that many look down on these boards for this very reason, and lots of good people don’t even post here for these reasons. I myself haven’t posted here for nearly half a decade, outside of my local community thread and character specific subsections simply looking to improve my strategy and game knowledge.

It’s time to level up SRK. I don’t care if you’re new or you’ve been here for years, when you encounter this type of poor attitude, do not be afraid to stand up and call them out on it. Do not be intimidated by their age, community clout, or history.

Part of the reason this type of thing is tolerated is because some of the worst offenders have had their egos stroked for years, and because of their gaming skill, people not only tolerate it they defend it, because they want to be seen as cool or respected by that individual, even if that individual is being a total ass.

That is all. I really don’t have much else to say other than I love Street Fighter, and I want to see this board evolve. Level up. The time is now, the site has never looked better, we’ve never had as many new players interested in fighting games. Street Fighter has become a mainstream gaming mainstay again, and it’s time some of us grew up.

Thanks in advance for reading my rant.

Hey OP. Shut up.

Very VERY cool story,

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I should have titled the thread: SRK: Why We Should Fight Like Gentlemen

Its [S]grow[/S] up By the way. I think. No its not


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There will be blood.

SRK was greatness until SFIV came around.

While I respect your opinion on the matter ParryAll you just basically invited everyone to flame you openly. I can’t just leave this open. FYI, it might be better suited for FGD.