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  • Max Guild Level (15) -
  • Current Member Amount is 98 -
  • Guild is Max Capacity (100) -

News & Announcements:

1) 4/7/13 – Elsword SRK guild first established.
2) 4/26/13 – Elsword SRK opens its doors and begins advertising.
3) 7/1/13 - Elsword SRK Skype group established. Contact Azarl or UnKnown_Drive if you wish to join!
4) 9/13/13 - 50 player milestone first achieved! A sincere thank you to everyone who is in SRK!
5) 9/18/13 - SRK has expanded to maximum player capacity!
6) 1/24/14 - SRK has reached guild level 15! Thanks to everyone who stuck with us into 2014, and enjoy your max guild benefits!
7) 3/26/14 - UnKnown_Drive becomes the new GM of SRK.
8) 4/7/14 - SRK’s 1-Year Anniversary!

Be sure to check the first post often for updates!

So what is Elsword?




*(Video courtesy of SRK member Newton)[/details]

Guild Ranks

Rookie → Member → Veteran → Officer → Administrator → Guild Master

Guild Rules

1) Everyone starts out as Rookie rank —> Member rank, guild buffs applied to Members & above.

 - Rookies can become Members after spending 3 days in the guild.
 - Members can become Veterans after one month of guild activity and participation.
 - Veterans can become Officers after an additional ~2-3 weeks of guild activity and participation, along with a unanimous vote between our GM and Admins. Must have a proper memo.
 - Officers can become Administrators after multiple months of dedicated guild loyalty, activity, and participation. Must have a proper memo.

2) Two characters per player can be accepted into the guild. Administrators and the Guild Master can have three.

3) No cheating, hacking, scamming, harassment, racism, sexism, impersonation, turbo/auto fire, or ED/AP buying ($ for ED/AP, ED/AP for $). K-Ching buying is allowed, but please exercise caution. Avoid offensive words like “rape”. No trade spam in /g, exceptions being event swap items.

4) Members & Veterans encouraged to help players, Officers+ required to help if not busy with tasks, but please do not abuse guild assistance.

5) A memo as your self-introduction is not required, but preferred. It applies to our inactivity policy, where there is a 7-day limit for users without a memo and 14-day limit for users with a memo. Memos also help fellow guildmates distinguish your characters from other players to determine which ones are yours.

Memo Format: forum: user (Acceptable forums: SRK for Shoryuken, ELS for Elsword’s forums)
Examples: SRK: UnKnown_Drive, ELS: UKD, SRK/ELS: UnKnown_Drive/UKD.

Other rules

  1. Kill3rCombo’s ToS.
  2. All violations must be reported to UnKnown_Drive, Azarl, Spooky, and/or WiseFool and we must acknowledge receipt. Failure to intentionally report violations will result in infractions.


Inability to follow rules will be met with a warning or rank infraction of 1 or 2 points. Continuous disrespect of our rules will result in an immediate ban from the guild.


Game Characters & Classes

1) Elsword - Male Knight

Job Classes:
Sword Knight > Lord Knight {SRK’s LonerHero Lord Knight Guide (W.I.P.)}
Magic Knight > Rune Slayer
Sheath Knight > Infinity Sword

[Elsword Guide List]

2) Aisha - Mage

Job Classes:
Dark Magician > Void Princess
High Magician > Elemental Master
Battle Magician > Dimension Witch

[Aisha Guide List]

3) Rena - Archer

Job Classes:
Sniping Ranger > Grand Archer
Combat Ranger > Wind Sneaker
Trapping Ranger > Night Watcher

[Rena Guide List]

4) Raven - Blade & Arm User

Job Classes:
Sword Taker > Blade Master
Over Taker > Reckless Fist
Weapon Taker > Veteran Commander

[Raven Guide List]

5) Eve - Tech Specialist

Job Classes:

Code: Exotic > Code: Nemesis

Code: Architecture > Code: Empress

Code: Electra > Code: Battle Seraph

[Eve Guide List]

6) Chung Seiker - Gunner

Job Classes:
Fury Guardian > Iron Paladin
Shooting Guardian > Deadly Chaser
Shelling Guardian > Tactical Trooper

[Chung Guide List]

7) Ara Haan - Martial Artist

Job Classes:
Little Hsien > Sakra Devanam
Little Devil > Yama Raja

[Ara Guide List]

8) Elesis - Female Knight

Job Classes:
Saber Knight (Guide)
Pyro Knight (Guide)

[Proper guide list currently unavailable]

(Please note that not all characters/classes have been released overseas yet, some are still exclusive to Korea. This post will be updated accordingly to their NA releases.)


Guild Staff List

Guild Master - UnKnown_Drive (IGN: AreionDrive)
Administrators - Azarl (IGN: ReimaKazni), Felix (IGN: Alejandrea), Spooky (IGN: Temporia), WiseFool (IGN: CleverIdiot)
Officers - Geif (IGN: RoboGeif), Prism (IGN: ToeSmacker), Kero (IGN: MelanaAlburn), Rina (IGN: Verontas), Keima (IGN: Kashinku)

Guild Skills

Alchemy Specialist (5/5)
Unleash Anger (5/5)
Blessed Recovery (5/5)
Comrade’s Cheer (5/5) [Gnosis Blessing, temporary]

Guild Event List

Trivia Night (Wednesdays, 7:00 P.M. EST)
PvP Sparring Night (Fridays, 7:00 P.M. EST)
Henir’s Time & Space Runs (Saturdays, 4:00 - 5:00 P.M. EST)
Secret Dungeon Runs (Sundays, 4:00 - 5:00 P.M. EST)


This Thread Has The Az Seal of Approval


Let the others know about it.


Oh trust me, they know. We talk about it enough in our Skype group. lol


The same reason DFO counts in its own way. It has mechanics of 2D fighting games mixed with MMO qualities, along with its own mechanics to keep it unique.

May not be as balanced, of course, but the resemblances are certainly there. If you’d like to see for yourself, try the PvP.

Plus there’s also the fact that the game has tournaments, footage shown here:



IMO, both this and DFO probably should be moved to GD since they aren’t really fighting games.


They are just as much “fighters” as Smash Bros is. Dungeon Fighter especially.


As ElderGOD already stated, it is kind of a stretch. Having the mechanics alone doesn’t make something a fighting game, it’s more about how everything comes together. Just having combos and melee combat alone doesn’t make something a fighter or have “fighting game mechanics,” in the same way not every game with a first person viewpoint is an FPS. In fact, these “fighting game mechanics” can easily be slotted in wholesale into another game of another genre and without that game necessarily becoming a fighting games.


So can you guys [mods] decide if you want to keep it in FGD or not. I don’t want this thread derailed into an argument and damn you RunningWild I was really hoping no one would bring up Smash but yea if Smash got a spot in FGD. Anyways, whichever choice you guys [mods] make, please set all current posts here except first three to invisible. If you keep it in FGD add a mod note to the first post so the topic doesn’t reappear.

Also, keep DFO out of this lol:


this tread lacks activity D:


its a 2d fighter where you bash and combo with light and heavy hit mixed with skills left and right what ever is unfortunate enought to come into range as you progress from one section to ther of the level, its the same as dfo, minus the up down scaling and the fact you may not spam skill, you do can use some with repetition after a while since you unlock a good portion of special active that cost 30, but yeah , its not a game made to SPAM specials


No way to dodge " Dread Chase" from TT


Actually its the ShG that gets Dread Chase first so TT is invalid (and yes i know TT is the advancement from ShG)


I know it’s ShG Special Actives …
PVP season 2 is come out at TW and JP.


Just so you guys know, we will be making a Skype group for our guild very shortly. If you are a part of the guild and are interested in joining the group, please message me or Azarl through a PM containing your Skype name, in-game or through one of the forums, so we can add you and invite you in.

EDIT: It has been made. Follow the above rules to get in.


Eve is best girl.

If anyone’s on the fence about trying the game, try it! It’s fun, it’s not pay to win, and there’s a pretty high skill ceiling in PVP for execution and such.


Don’t even get me started, Celerity. Don’t even. lol


Yea this guy is hella obsessed with Eve.