ElvenShadow's Frosty Faustings GGXXAC, Arcana, 3S, SFIIHD, 1/3/09 CHICAGO, IL!

I’ve been living in Japan for over a year now. When I came back to visit the US for EVO, I won the GGXXAC singles and team tournament. Many players couldnt make it out to EVO and I wanted to organize a GG major that could gather players from all around the US. :nunchuck: In addition, I feel bad for the US community over what happened at Seasons Beatings 3 (not pointing fingers at all, just the end result sucks regardless), so I wanted to give the US another GG major (and with the support of the Chicago scene we will be running other games too!). I will be visiting Chicago for 2 weeks this Holiday season and this tournament will be a great chance for the best Guilty Gear players in the US to get together and have a fucking battle (and do lots of chillin :rock:).

WHEN: Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

WHERE: Wingate Inn hotel
venue pictures taken by Capps http://picasaweb.google.com/CappsIndigo/WinterFaustings#

Wingate Inn Northbrook
600 Milwaukee Ave.
Prospect Heights IL 60070

Rooms are only $69 a night!

Several resturants within very close walking distance such as
Burger King
Dunkin Dounuts
Baskin Robbins
and more
(theres also several great restaurants within close driving distance such as good local Chicago pizza, Chicago style hot dogs, Pete Millers (a top rated steak house in the USA), Flatlanders (restaurant with its own micro brewery), and several other nicer places. Theres also a White Castle, Boston Market, and KFC )

There is also a large bar called Rocky Vanders within walking distance with a good selection of drinks and decent prices, dancing, darts, and billiards.

for those with a car, Nickel City arcade is less than 10 minutes drive away if you want to hit up the arcade before or after the tournament.


All tournaments will take place on Saturday. Start times will be posted here when I get more information. We WILL have plenty of TVs. No need to worry about this shit taking too long as I can ensure a speedy tournament.

**Guilty Gear XX Accent Core singles AND team 3 on 3 tournamet. Run by ElvenShadow with the assistance of legendary tournament organizer, Heidern98 (PS2, US version)

Arcana Heart Full! Run by Capps (PS2)

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Run by Humbag and Tony Dfly (PS2)

Street Fighter II HD remix Run by Tony Dfly and Humbag (XBOX 360)

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (run by MadBooFace)

Fate Unlimited Codes, run by DevilDigimon**



I will let the people running each respective tournament decide on when they want to start (please post start times)


Marvel vs Capcom 2 start time is 12 noon (dont be late!)

Arcana start time is 12 noon

CvS2 start time is 1 pm

other start times will be posted soon

GGXX Accent Core singles**
All regular matches 2/3
semi finals and grand finals will be 3/5 (4/7 is excessive and unecessary)

Double Elimination

you may change characters if you lose but must stay with same character if you win the first game

players may have the option of double blind selection (if you dont know what this means, ask)

sides will be determined by RPS unless both players just dont give a shit which side they play on

pausing a round results in the player who paused the round to instantly lose the round unless his opponent agrees to simply continue the round as it was

$10 Entry

GGXXAC 3 on 3 team rules
SBO style except the tournament will be double elim

finals will still be one game instead of 2/3

if you dont know the SBO team rules please ask for more information

first character chosen on each team will be double blind pick

RPS to determine sides

Other tournament rules
will be updated at a later time

$10 Entry per person ($30 per team)

**Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Rules: **

70/20/10 payout
2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches. 3/5 winners and losers finals, 4/7 grand finals (loser must win 2 sets).
Double Elimination.
Winner keeps same character but can change super arts, loser can change character.
Gill is banned.
Judgment does NOT decide a match, it will be replayed.

$10 Entry

Arcana Heart Full (1v1) Rules:

Sign-ups: 10am-11:30am
1v1 tourney start time: 12pm (noon)

2/3 games, 2/3 rounds, Double Elimination
3/5 games, 2/3 rounds WF, LF, GF

No game freezing glitches.
No AH vanilla (not Full) chars allowed.


$5 Entry

*1v1 tourney will start on time.

*possible 2v2 tourney pending interest, rules to be determined.

Street Fighter II HDRemix Rules:

70/20/10 payout
2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches. 3/5 winners and losers finals, 4/7 grand finals (loser must win 2 sets).
Double Elimination.
Winner keeps same character, loser can switch.
Akuma is allowed…

If the life bar glitch happens, the match or round will be replayed up to where it happened. So if it happens on the 3rd round, only the 3rd round will be replayed. Blanka’s electricity glitch does not cause any game altering problems so if it happens the game will continue.

$10 Entry

MvC2 rules:

MvC2 – No game-breaking glitches (you know what they are); Juggs’ glitch allowed. Winner keeps the SAME team/SAME order. Loser can change everything.

2/3 Double Elimination
3/5 WF, LF
4/7 GF

$5 Entry

Fate Unlimited Codes rules**
entry fee $3
double elimination
99 sec. time
damage 2
round count 3/5 (japan standards for f.u.c - tekken/sc4 style)
winners/losers 2/3 matches
finals w/l/gf 3/5 matches
no banned characters
stage is always random
winner keeps same character, loser may change character

Tatsunoko vs Capcom rules
5 dollar entry
Payout is 70/20/10 to 1st/2nd/3rd
You will have to use the sticks provided, the button layout will be
A = weak
B = medium
C = hard
P = partner
T = taunt
All characters are allowed, all options on default.
Handicap set to 3 stars.
Purposely doing any glitch that stops the game from being played are banned.
2 out of 3 games, winner keeps team, loser may change.
NEW If the Firey Ruins stage is selected randomly, either player may opt to rerun the random stage select to get a different one. This is a courtesy to colorblind people playing on possibly shitty TVs.

Capcom vs SNK 2 rules

Version: PS2

Entree: $5

Pot: 70/20/10

2/3 double elim
Roll Cancelling is allowed.
No EX Grooves allowed.
You may not use the same character twice on one team.
Ultimate Rugal, Super Akuma, Evil Ryu, and Evil Iori are not allowed in tournament play.
Switching the order of your characters during the loading screen is only allowed on your first match.
After winning, you must pick the same characters, same order.

Additional information, please read!:

There will be a venue fee of $10 per person. This money is only to cover the cost of the venue and will not be pocketed by me in any way. Theres a very high chance that there will be extra money after paying the venue costs. This extra money will go right to the prize pot for Guilty Gear! Its almost guarenteed that we will have the venue fee more than covered so expect a pot bonus! If someone has a question about venue costs, I will be happy to answer them and tell everyone exactly how much we end up having left over at the event. Ive got nothing to hide from the community.

Each tournament will be $10 to enter (this is in addition to the one time venue fee, all money will go directly to the pot and go to the winners). I MAY throw in an extra bonus if enough people show up, so lets make this BIG!

Payout will be
1st 70%
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

I will be taking Pre-regs in this thread. PLEASE POST IF YOU PLAN TO COME. Post your NAME, HANDLE, and LOCATION and what games you plan to enter.

Location is very important because it will be used for seeding purposes. I will make a bracket in advance and post it online prior to the event. The bracket may change depending on if last minute players decide to attend or if certain people dont show up, but you can expect the bracket to be seeded fairly by region to the best of my ability and I will also take into account positioning of players who have had remarkable tournament placing history.

Airport information:

For those of you flying here, the best airport is O’hare. Its only 7 miles away. You can easily split a cab with some people and I may be able to arrange to have some people picked up from the airport depending on what time they arrive. It would be best to try to get a group of people picked up at the same time. It would be best to take the CTA blue line from Ohare airport to the next stop which is Rosemont, as it would be far easier to pick people up that way.

If you can find a cheaper flight that goes to Midway airport, you an easily just take the Chicago CTA Orange line train directly from Midway and transfer downtown at the Clark/Lake station to the Blue line and take that all the way to Rosemont.

All rides on the CTA are about $2 no matter how far you go.

Other than that, you all know this shit is gonna be hype as hell! Its gonna be great chillin with everyone. You know were gonna party it up after the tournaments. I will also have plenty of TVs for casuals throughout the tournament. I ENCOURAGE money matches and lots of hype!

(original thread on dustloop http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?p=311737#post311737)


3s will follow the same standard rules:
Payout 70-20-10

Double Elimination

2/3 rounds, 2/3 games for the match.

Winners/Loser finals 3/5 games. Grand Finals 4/7 (either at the players or my discretion depending on time).

Winner must keep same character, but is allowed to change super art. Loser can change character. Judgment CAN NOT decide a match. Game will be replayed is that happens.

No gill.

As far as STHD, since it is no out yet, me and Tony will be making sure the rules are correct once it comes out. Im sure it will follow basic ST rules but you never know. Same goes for the system used. If one version has problems on say either 360/PS3 will would use the one that runs the best. For now though I would assume ps3 due to more controllers working with it.

I will make coming out to this tourney high priority. Continue to put out announcements and reminders to everyone as much as you can, I will do the same.

Arcana over Marvel? I don’t think I’ll be able to make it out, but good luck guys. GL running 3s James!

Thanks Chris! Sucks you wont be able to make it out but there is going to be plenty of other times.

I’ll attempt to make since school’s on break then, only concern is toll roads + distance + January weather…supposedly this is to be the worst winter in a long time, but they say that every winter.

If there ends up being marvel, I’ll go :tup:

There is a very high chance that Madbooface will be running marvel. We are just waiting to confirm some information. I will post updates as they come in.

Seconded… I **might **come for ST

Is there any plan on adding more games, or is this list set in stone? Will you be able to hold more tournament if there were more resources?

we are currently planning to add both Marvel and SFIV. We simply need to ensure that we have the resources and space to run all these games. Once we can confirm this we will add them to the first post officially. Honestly, if people bring their own equipment, they can organize whatever side tournys that want as long as we end up having the space.

I just dont want to officially announce anything until we can confirm 100% so people dont make plans and then get screwed over later if it gets changed.

Also, this is NOT CONFIRMED but there is a good chance we will have BlazBlue playable at this event. We are working on details now

If SF4 is indeed out by then I shall help get that going as well.

Oh I’m fucking there. You had me at guilty gear :stuck_out_tongue: that + 3s and ST HD!!!
Btw… anyone have some love for cvs2?
Name: Kurt W. Horsting
Handle: King of the Bums (note to self: add ‘the’ to srk tag)
Location: Hanover Park IL. Basically a short drive away.

I’m going to try my hardest to make it out to this, it’ll be my first event in like 5 months if I do. I’d be happy to help run something if I do.

If HD remix isn’t out, will ST be run? Because as far as I know, HD remix doesn’t have a street date yet.

your links are just copy-pastes from the othern thread and are links with “…” in the middle might wanna fix that

One way or another ST will be played. :wgrin:

James -

Not that it’ll matter to me, but in Grand Finals, doesn’t the Loser’s champ have to beat the Winner’s champ two sets of 4/7?

I’ve seen people do it either way. Some people work that way, because otherwise the Winner’s Champ is only allowed to lose once, but other times the argument is, yeah, the Winner’s Champ only lost once, but so did the Loser’s Champ!

In grand finals like always the loser has to beat the winner in two sets of 4/7 while the winner only has to win one set.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core singles AND team 3 on 3 tournament. Run by ElvenShadow with the assistance of legendary tournament organizer, Heidern98
LETS ROCK!!![/quote]

Jeff is a Legend at what?!?!? getting high and yelling like a girl?::arazz:
Lol JK think I might have the job I have been waiting for so I can get back into gaming again. Good luck with this event Jeff.