EMBARGO-TIER BISON-its hard outhere for a flip-PhillipinesMayorTellsBootleggersTo Eattheir Fake Rice


gas money for his scooter spent
didnt even buy a whole lotta shrimp

I saw this on NHK where they captioned it in English
The Internet doesn’t have one screencap or video of this news broadcast.


A consumer buys rice at a supermarket in Ho Chi Minh City.

Plastic Rice. Silica Packs moving into food.

Like very strange additives, non edibles put into cheaply made candy, also something to watchout for. Saw some Super Mario branded chalk looking shit like that once.


Shenmoves - Biker Boyz

dude is straight Don King last time I saw him, on wikipedia with Roy Jones!
Hideo Kojima productions field testing with live ammo research dept.



I don’t have a picture of Kojima holding guns like a BIG BOSS - ^ Replacement by RICE

hoy! no u,
on thats
space-booke jajajaja


I don’t know what’s going on, but pork lumpia is the shit!


Duterte likes to spew out the Filipino political version of what we’d call “Cheap Pop”, to get the cheers from the ignorant masses.

Yet he notoriously ignores some of the actual underlying problems that our country faces.

Fuck, the guy even comes from a political dynasty (one of the many plaguing our country).



Jerry Rice broke somehow. Re-up the image here


My Dad probably knows this guy.


I apologize for missing

D-Tier RICE Son

somehow in the poll.

But fake rice, is like F for Fake-Tier.