Embarrassing KOs


This one time, I was messing around in 2-player mode (by myself) in SF2 to practice some moves. I notice that Player2 seems to be active, and I figured that, in the absence of a 2nd player, the game must have automatically filled the space. So I’m like “oh ok, guess I’ll train like normal”. Player2 managed to KO me, mostly from using fierce kicks to knock me out of the air (Player2 was Dhalsim)

But then I figured out what happened: apparently, the controls for player1 and player2 overlapped somewhat, but the mappings were different. For example: the same key I used to crouch caused them to perform a jab, the left/right directionals seems to be inverse eachother, and I’m pretty sure the jump key for player1 was also bound to fierce kick for player2. So basically, I managed to kick my own ass with random inputs.


A long time ago, when I was first getting into KOF I got totally beaten by a friend who had never played a fighting game before. What’s worse is that he beat me by mashing whilst I was trying to actually play.

Keep in mind that I was already an SF veteran… I blamed the shitty PSone controllers.


I got my ass kicked by my girlfriend on KOF 98UM the other day, i’ve been playing KOF for about 3 years now and she hasn’t played a 2D fighting game since SF2… for the megadrive…


Playing SF4 online, I had the match sewn up against this ryu player, so I thought I’d practice some kara throws. He DPs every single one, then I go for a jump in to end the match already. DP into ultra.

Dropped my stick and went for a walk.


When my mom beat me at Tekken 3.


Any time I play against a button mashing Eddy Gordo on Tekken. Offline I can mostly deal with it, still get beat sometimes though, but when it’s online I might aswell just put my stick down.


I once KOed someone with Ken’s taunt in 3S…Unintentional too, I taunted and he dashed into it


At the last tournament I played in, it was match-point. I was using Akuma, playing against a Guile. Guile threw out a Sonic Boom, I reacted by teleporting behind him and then instantly executing the Raging Demon. I thought I had 'em but Guile was able to jump straight up and then I ended up dashing into the Sonic Boom and died, LOL. I was like, “…WTF?! I thought that Sonic Boom was gone! LMAO!”

Actually I didn’t think it was embarrassing 'cause I didn’t really care, plus it was funny and random anyway. But it was still stupid. I definitely didn’t expect that.


The worst is in SFIV when you do a cross-up against Ken and he does a whiffed Ultra. So you land on the other side and get ready to punish him with a 47 hit combo of doom, but because the top half of his body lunges forward as he lands, your hit ends up whiffing and then he does EX FLAMING GAYNESS IN YOUR FACE.


This is Soul Calibur 4. I was hot garbage at the game at the time. But the match is overall embarrsing. Dude almost perfects me, then does a launch punishable move with his back to the wall.



A few years ago, I was playing some MvC2. My team: Psylocke, Ken, & Chun Li, all anti-air assists. (in those days, I just got kick out of doing a THC with characters that had vertical supers; but I digress…)

I was playing on one of those cabinets where the damage is set to WAY BEYOND HIGH, so I was able to make quick work of 2 of my opponent’s characters, leaving him with Captain Commando. His CC was under 30% health, (all of my team was @ least 30% alive) so I dash in to do a couple of light attacks xx THC. The THC whiffs. With my whole team helplessly in the air, my opponent brings them all down with the Captain Sword. Thankfully, there was no audience.


Whenever in sf4 my opponent’s at <5% life and I get hit by a full wake up ultra for 80% damage. I say whenever because it’s happened more than once in recent memory :/. Hopefully I’ve learnt now and won’t get caught by that again though… HOPEFULLY!


the most embarrasing ko? my friends and i tried about 15 times to beat shinku-akuma on CvS2. we finally did. in that moment of excitement, one of us KOed our bong off the table.


The most embarrassing KO is something I constantly end up having to suffer through:

I’ve got a sliver of health left.

I try to SRK at a bad time.

It whiffs or gets blocked.

I land.

They do a cLP.

I die.

I feel like a tool.


What is it with females and fighting games anyways? I’ve never witnessed one play. But I hear stories everywhere on the internet about somebodies girlfriend, or women in general, ripping them a new one in some fighting game; like the female brain has some kind of aptitude for these games that us guys don’t have?


I feel ya, Whiffed SRK makes me feel like a complete scrub. I get so mad at myself…


I hate when I whiff my block.


Online, happens all the time. Someone throws random DP or whatever other move, I block, hell, I smile because I KNOW I blocked, KO.

Makes my smile turn into a burning rage.


thats why i quit playing online. lag rage


Try getting perfected 3 times in a row at a tourney. Nothing is more embarassing then that.