Embarrassing noobishness... 2 hit combo cancels

Ok, I’ve got myself a stick now (may not matter), one thing I can’t do consistently/figure out the pattern for is cr.LP > TU for Sagat. What tends to happen a lot is that a Tiger Shot will come out, if not and I slow it down really deliberately, I get a Tiger Uppercut, but it’s not fast enough so it whiffs.

I have turned on ‘Display input’ and it seems that the times where it works are the times where I have the least stick directional inputs, i.e. cr.LP (already holding D) F, D, F+Punch. That as opposed to D, DF, F, DF, D, DF, (F).

I don’t know if I need to buffer the input, work on just getting faster or just more accurate inputs. Would appreciate your feedback/input.

if you’re getting a tiger shot, you’re screwing up the input

if you’re getting a dragon punch, but it isn’t comboing, you’re not doing it fast enough

check the execution thread for more info on how to self-diagnose

one thing to try:

hold the stick at down/forward, hit jab, then move to down, down/forward + punch

this will work in SF4 due to shortcuts