Embarresing - Having trouble vs turtle Q

Me being a turtler myself I find myself having problems with a turtle Q… Always seems to get his 3 taunts in with ease. Even tho i should be able to whoop his ass regardless I find myself failing to do so… Yep I know I suck… Anyone got some pointers? Thanks in advance

You’re gonna have to be more specific than that if you want real help. In terms of the matchup, it’s very much in Chun’s favor, so you need to tell us how Q is doing all of his damage…

Just get in poking range and start poking, try to build up meter. You can shut down most of Q’s shit just by poking him a lot. Use some kara throws so he knows he can’t just sit around and block all day. Once he starts trying to tech throws, forward+HK or crouching MK xx super will kick his ass.

To stop him from taunting, get within range and use HP. If you have super and he taunts, use it.

Keep in mind that crouching jab is fast enough to stop a lot of his command grab setups, as well as his throw/kara throw. Forward+HK is pretty good for this too.

Cant stop a Q player from getting his taunts off vs chun, i myself get all 3 asap not careing for 3
fps. Just deal with the taunts all you can do is get a little free damage when he does it.

SGGK him allday.

If you stay close enough you can poke him in time to prevent him from getting the benefits of the taunt. I believe the screen has to shake for him to get the defense boost.

Really, you just need to learn to play a bit more aggressively if he’s getting lots of taunts off on you.

Thanks guys for your replies! Yeah… I really have to work on being more aggresive, I find myself stationary too much.

Mariodood: What seems to get me the most is his command throw -> combo, after a blocked attack

just crouching jab before and or after everything that should stuff anything he wants to do =p

until he down parries and gets a free cndb

SGGK him? if someone catches on, its not unstoppable. that can HURT if the player is good enough to catch it.

anyways. first round should go to Q, always. 3 taunts in ur face, there isnt much u can do. BUT what u can do is hit him for a lil meter, then turtle all day and get 2.

there isnt much Q can do unless you get careless and all. but taking down a 3 taunted Q is VERY annoying. what you wanna do is make sure you have meter the next round. you DO NOT wanna repeat the same thing again, meaning 0 bar and Q taunting in ur face. if you wanna kill him the first round, make sure it happens. and be ready for another long battle.

2nd round if you happen to be about to killing him, build more meter and run from him for the next round. again, there isnt much he can do.

the purpose of having meter when rounds end is because you dont want him taunting in ur face and getting all 3 quick. i only use chun in arcade if buttons are fucked up so i may not have the best strat. consider some of it though because it works when i use it :tup:

oh and also, if ur getting hit by command throws, i think you need to reversal SBK more.

if hes turtling, make use of the UOH distance ->super. c.lk, kara throws, and mix up with a stand up c.mk.

Q has shit for wakeup game. meaty him until he blocks then walk up and throw him. people say the only matchup where chun has to go offensive is yun. but Q is the same thing. watch out for tick into command grab.
oh and kara throw. i like to use roundhouse kara throw and stay at about that range. also mk kara is harder to get out on american layout.

oh also, tick throwing works well on Q but as was mentioned he will eventually start parrying. low jab can be parried standing or crouching so pay attention to which one he starts doing. if its standing mix it up with c. lk . but really if he gets to parry happy just walkup throw.

also, dash punch is safe on block and hit confirmable into sa1 for Q so watch out for it when Q has meter. And cool it on the meaties when he has meter because Q players will often let you get carried away with offense and then just SA1 on wakeup.

Against Q players who like to turtle and taunt, your best bet is to take the fight to him and make sure that he doesn’t have room to get off the taunt. Easier said than done against a turtle because they know how to keep you away so that they can do it. There are two strats I would recommend.

  1. (this is sans meter, mind you). Use Chun’s Kara Throws and walk up throws to get Q used to thinking that you being in close means throw. then bait him with a throw (a la Justin Wong) and when he retaliates, block, counter with move of your choice ( I suggest forward HK or crouching mp because they are pretty good on priority and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting comboed into SA1. Rinse, Repeat.

  2. (With meter). If you find yourself stationary and Q has room to get off the taunt, then assume he’s going to and throw the SA2. This isn’t 100% for sure going to happen, but if he is getting off the taunt when you have some distance, then assume that distance=taunt. Now if you aren’t very far from him and he goes for it, then dash to crouching mk into SA2 and finish with either super jump cancel HP or Super Jump cancel aerial down mk times 2.

The key to Q is to not let him breathe. This is easier done with more agressive characters like Yun and Ken…and Chun’s Playing style doesn’t bode well for trying to stop a Q taunter, but an agressive Chun can take down Q if you play it smart and think ahead in certain situations.