Emblem Lord's Training

Ok, since I want the skill level of SRK smashers to increase quickly and I love to train/talk about fighting games I came up with this idea.

Basically it goes like this.

I will train with anyone that request it.

The training session will last one hour.

Now there other rules and I have solid reasoning behind them.

2 stock 3 minute matches. Why? So we can record matches and so I can look over them.

No items. Yeah, yeah cry more. Ready to listen to my reasoning? Ok here it is.

If you want advice on how to play YOUR character, then that has absolutely nothing to do with items. If you don’t know how to fan infinite or don’t know why it’s good to go for assist trophies when you see them then I can’t help you.

Plus items can mask player skill with thier character. Not always, but it can happen.

With no items, I can accurately observe your play style, your weaknesses, your strengths, your weak match-ups, and what you need to work on.

Hell this is training for me too, and when I look at my matches I want to be able to analyze my own weaknesses as well.

The training is about dealing with your own weaknesses as a player and dealing with your character’s weaknesses and items usually make up for character weaknesses which interferes wtih training IMO.

So, anyway, moving on.

Banned stages are as follows: Warioware, Pictochat, New Pork City, Hyrule temple. Warioware and Picto Chat because of stage interference and Warioware is just dumb, since sometimes one character gets a star while another gets nothing plus the ledge dissappears when the stage shifts.

The other two are just too damn big.

After the training is over I’ll either post my thoughts in this thread or pm you back.

If you want the training just post in the thread.

I encourage you to ask questions and tell me things that you think you need help on so I know what to look for.

Also I play the following characters.

Marth, Ike, Metaknight, Toon Link, Pit, Falco, Wolf.

Marth and Falco are by far my best characters.

I’m still good with the others though.

My FC is 2621-2304-4977.

Also my AIM is DrgSupergogeta if you want to communicate with me outside of SRK.

Generally I will only train 2-3 people a day. Maybe 4.

And with that, post away people.

I need to tune up my Metaknight. Right now he’s losing his spot as my main to TLink. And I just picked up TL, so I guess I need help with him, too.

Hollerrrrrr. I’m at work right now, I don’t know how long you’ll be doing this for, but maybe some day down the line in the next couple weeks, I’d like to get some pointers.

I’ll do this…until…uhhh…actually I see no end in sight.

As long as people want it. I’ll do it.

What the hell dude if you wanna play some matches now I’m available. No way to get better than to play I guess.

LOL @ thread, Elord is a scrub. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll personally attest to him having a deadly marth dude knows his spacing very well.

BTW emblem we should get some more EPIC marth vs metaknight matches:tup:

Chaos: I’ll be on in like 10 mins.

Complaing to my friend online about how broken Snake is and why he should stop using him cuz he is lame and gay and I hate him.


…Anyway, possible construed arrogance of the thread aside (although you already said you need training as well, so that’s not actually an issue), I would like to “train” with you since I usually see you around midnight or so (my time, PST) and no one else seems to be on. I get off work at 10:00 P.M. and I won’t be home until probably 11:00 P.M.

However, if you’re up for it, I would like to use Ganondorf and Luigi against you.

Chaos: I stopped because I felt like I had enough matches with you to give you advice on what you need to work on.

Hope you don’t mind.


Also tell your friend GG’s as well.

Do you want me to pm the advice or post it here?

Thanks again man the ROB matches were my brother. I was able to notice a small but notable improvement in my play in the last 8 or so GAW matches, better at recognition of some patterns and punishing. I still cannot understand how to avoid being air juggled a billion times, it seems your air moves just annihilate mine no matter what option I try to use. So you would launch and just push me around from there.

Edit: PM or post is fine. Also my Wolf results were encouraging.

Sign me up

Ok, here we go.

Posting it here is good since I noticed that alot of SRKer’s I have faced used G&W.

I’m only gonna talk about G&W not ROB or Wolf since I really didn’t face them enough to get a handle on thier playstyles.

G&W is a beast. Great damage, decent speed and good knockback on his attacks, plus alot of priority.

All of that goes out he window vs Marth. Marth is faster, with better knockback, equal in priority, and virtually equal in damage per move.

Against Marth you have to be very defensive and more patient. Bait him into dashing towards you and using a SH fair approach then punish him.

We already talked about G&W’s awesome D-throw before. No need to get into that again. You just have to practice that and get better with it. Also you need to start doing dashes to space yourself. It’s just a quick flick of the analog stick in either direction.

I didn’t see you use it much, so start practicing with that.

The weapons of choice in this match are the d-tilt and bair. D-tilt has good range and bair has about equal range to Marth’s fair and bair. Also I wanna see more u-tilt usage on your part bro. It’s a solid comboing tool.

But mostly you should be be playing defensively and baiting attacks, then punishing.

As for hitting you in the air.

Airdodge dude.

Airdodge = God tier

It’s too good. Just spam it. lol.

Also use G&W’s dair more. That thing has crazy priority and for some reason it’s safe on block.

Work on your bad habits more too like, jumping out of habit when I hit off the stage. You would just jump whenever I did that and I anticipated it perfectly and it gave me a free aerial.

Work on all that stuff I mentioned and train hard. Then face me again.

I’ll be waiting.

*Runs fingers through blue hair and sheathes my sword. Cape blows in the wind as I walk away.

^ Good shit Emblem. Who are these other G&W players; I’d love to play them.

I think TempestFox plays a G&W.

I dunno I just been seeing him alot lately.

Anyway I forgot to mention this before, but you can approach with your shield.

Just dash and then when you are in your full run animation you can shield at any time. Dropping your shield only takes 1 frame, and from there you can do anything.

It’s the safest way to approach in the game.

that’s interesting Emblem…I’d like to do that with you at some point when i get a chance

If anyone wants to do it then just say when.


See my Av again.


Emblem, you played me earlier. What were your thoughts?

Train me this weekend good sir~

don’t trust this scrub. I beat him with jigglypuff, he’ll only lead you to scrub town. I mean do you really want to train with someone that gets beat by jiggly?

P.S. I beat him with jigglypuff, the worst character in the game! She’s just a dumb pink puff ball and I beat dat ass!