EMERGENCY! Button problems!

I am in the middle of the process of modding my stick(HFS3). There is a problem with 3 of the buttons, that is when I press them, they stick. They don’t spring back. I tried opening the buttons and messing with the inside. but to no avail! I really need help, I am in the middle of my modding process and I really wanna get it done tonight. It is 10.28PM here right now.

what kind of buttons are they?

I’m not sure. This:

oh… the stock buttons are giving you problems?

There’s nothing that’s catching it up on the inside of the button at all? Have you checked the inside of the microswitch on the bottom? Is the button staying down or going back up and still pressing itself down?

Make sure they are snapped in all the way and the tabs holding them down aren’t depressed (as in still pushed in, not :bluu:).

My uncle is good with this stuff, he is in the kitchen as I type this. Yes it is the stock buttons.

Also the buttons that are not working are going down when I press, then coming up a bit when I release , but not coming up fully. They are sticky compared to the buttons that do work, which are loose and springy

what u changing it with? sanwa?

No i am using the stock buttons just that i wanted to change the button layout, like the colors


lol ^^^ Try taking them apart and cleaning the plunger and barrels.