Emergency EVO2k6 forums

I don’t know if this has been happening to anyone else lately, but SRK has been in and out the past couple of hours. I was thinking that there should be another forum we should use as a reserve in case SRK goes kaput during the weekend. I say we use http://combovideos.com forums for our safety net. What says all of you?

it wasn’t really in and out, it was out, if the same problems again i already have the fix done so if i’m around to notice it it’ll go right back up.

In addition there is a backup thread @ http://forum.streetfighteralpha.net/index.php?topic=55.0

Of course feel free to mirror, but i think it’s covered pretty well


is where updates will be posted all weekend

Sounds good.

sorry for calling it a backup, it’s really the thread i guess lol

cell phones -> radio -> alpha forums -> srk

I just want to give a shout out to Rodolfo and Jmar representing the NW!

i don’t sfeel so bad now that i use to get murder by them now lol