Emergency: need all Gen players here!



Alright you clicked this thread, sweet.
Anyways, I lost my old avatar and I didn’t have it saved on this pc. So I thought it would be cool to have Gens kanji as my avatar, except I now find out Wakatteru also has an avatar like this.

[SIZE=5]Help me find nice Gen artwork for an avatar.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]I really like street11’s avatar and something in that style would be preferable. I’m having trouble finding decent quality Gen artwork.[/SIZE]


How about this?


j/k, this is ingame but I like it:




this is abuse of power. get your lazy ass to google


Google doesn’t show any good pics (bad artwork or low quality), otherwise I wouldn’t have made this topic. Also you make like 5 topics a week some of very thin content, so your complaint is rather ironic.

If it bothers you that much think of it as the ‘‘Gen general artwork’’ topic.


hahahahaaaaaa! you have a point there. oh well lets wait and see what turns up


I apologize for being kinda rude.


Dunno how i ended up here but try deviant art: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=gen street fighter

Edit: There you go, after skimming through A LOT of pages i found the best of them all:

No need to thank me, just like every post i make from now on and also forfeit if we ever happen to play against each other.


Will check there, thanks.

<<< Found a cool one but it’s too small :frowning:


Bump for me also.

I’ve had Goomoonryong as my avatar for like 4 months now. HELP


Browsing deviantart I think this is the best one yet:






Where can I found your nice artwork?


Speaking of avatars, I wonder where street11 got his current Gen avatar from. It looks amazing.


I ripped it from a youtube video


Zanei that shit


That’s pretty cool. I enjoy those kind of artworks, colorful ones. There doesn’t seem to be much choice in Gen artworks though unless you dig really deep and get lucky, google search just turns up the usual artworks from SFIV and some standard Alpha official artworks.



Take your pick


It’s from a SF comic series called “Sakura Ganbaru”, probably the only Japanese comic in which Gen appears, making it the very first and the only J-comic I’ve read so far :wink: (Actually Karin from Alpha series is originally from here as well, making the inclusion of the character somewhat complicated from Capcom’s point of view)

I simply cropped and resized with Microsoft Paint.


I’m using a fsjal avatar, no need for another one!