Emersion Vega guide



Hi guys,

In the same way Francys Pai and Jozhear starting to create a guide, I am doing it too!
Only hopefully i wont quit SF4 before I finish doing all the matchups! :slight_smile:

Check it out if your interested!


Greetings, Emersion


great, really, although you won’t be the first to get lost on the way.

39 Matchups is a lot of work.


Well written. Hoping you will continue, would be handy for me since I am trying to learn.
Thanks for making the effort.




You’ve summarized Vega very well so far. I’m looking forward to when you get to the more complicated stuff.


It takes it out of you after a while, man, believe me. Godspeed.


Nice intro! I feel that Vega is a strong character but not well-rounded, and you talked really well about what his strengths and weaknesses are. Are you considering mentioning alternate characters that might form a good synergy with Vega? For example, DeeJay might not be that strong overall but his upkicks seems to easily shut down all kinds of jump-ins and divekicks, plus he has a fireball - so you could pick him on some of Vega’s tougher matches and vice versa. Zangief is another (non-well-rounded) choice for dealing with those no-fireball rushdown characters, haha.

There’s definitely something to be mentioned though about matchups not mattering much with Vega until you get to the limits of skill. If you take almost any SF4 character to their limit, it will take a finals-viable PLAYER to defeat all of your techniques and force you into truly needing a “shining day”. This is especially true for Vega I think. There is always something else to learn with him.

Looking forward to the next page of the guide!


I don’t think im going to go into other character selections, as i dont feel i know enough about other characters’ matchup mechanics enough to advice in this matter.

About the thing i wrote in the tournament part about needing a “shining day” to win a major, your point of it taking a finals-viable player is moot, since a major tournament will always have several of those.
Maybe i should have added that he can win smaller tournaments.

Thanks for the feedback!


Added in part 2 , some BnB combo’s and a little bit of flair!
Next part the more interesting stuff starts! :slight_smile:



Nice read, but I thnk you forgot to mention the meterlessjump in cr lk/lp xx ST combo wich is as usefull as the xx RCF if you got no meter but managed to hit you op with a jump in.


I adressed combo’s ending with ST won’t make it as BnB’s in because of them missing crouching opponents frequently.
I will consider adding it though with this notice.


Also you need to be pretty close to have the ST connect with everyone even when they’re standing.


Ah ok, should have read it more carefully.
As for distance: if they are standing and you use cr lp (are close enough for it) you should hit everybody with ST, but never mind did not considered crouching opponents.


Although chances are if you hit wit cr.mk they are probably standing.


Thanks Emersion, really informative.
I thought I was an idiot for not being able to get the EX-RCF > cr.MP xx FBA consistently but your guide says it’s 1 frame link so I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on myself now.

Also for style: I sometimes do Focus crumple > dash forward > neutral jump > air grab at last possible second.


Hah i will add that one kaibo!

Some new parts will be up this week, been too busy!


Part 3.1 up at eufighters.com/entry.php?15-Emersion-Vega-Guide-Part-3-1-General-Strategies

1 or 2 more parts coming up later today or tommorow.
Written most of it, just need to format it and throw it online, starting to work on the setups and match ups next week, have some good ideas i hope to try and work in the match ups.


Really enjoy your guides, the setup one will prolly help me the most.
Thanks for making the efort :slight_smile:


cracks knuckles Great stuff as usual, Rick. Though I have a few crits!

The wording for this section (Also there’s a spelling mistake, I left it in there but underlined it so you can fix it):

I’m not sure if it’s my lack of sleep, so take it with a grain of salt, but it took me a moment to get my head around what you meant when you said "you will push him into a corner by threatening him."
It’s best to make articles gender neutral (not saying this because I’m a girl either!) by using things such as:
You will push your opponent to a corner by threatening them with your own normals and letting them block your attacks (which will cause push back).

It makes it far clearer for a lot of people who’s first language isn’t English (I’m given to understand though that it isn’t yours either? Most people in the Netherlands, to my knowledge, learn English secondary. If I’m wrong, do correct me).

At close range, yes, st.LK can be problematic if you get /too/ close, but then it also can lead to a lot. You can string st.HK from it for a little extra damage or if you’re really speedy and good with charging (Advanced, I know, but it’s worth throwing out for people who aren’t aware) you can change this into st.LK, crLP, crMP xx EX FBA.

Also, with the stLK > stHK shenanigans, you will sometimes find that people will attempt to jump after the stLK. The stHK will keep them on the ground. I’ve gotten into a habit of putting stHK into the ends of frame traps solely to stop people jumping.

I’d be very careful with the focus too, especially against Shotos. If you focus their jump in and backdash, they are almost always option selecting for tatsu, that’s going to seriously hurt you, especially with the advantage that a shoto gains from a knockdown on Vega.

I’ll go back through the other sections when I’m a little more awake, but these are the things really glaring at me right now.
'Course, I’m not as strong a Vega as I used to be, so I’m probably not the best to critique this sort of thing.

Oh and my favourite style things to do sans already listed are (near corner):
j.HP, crMK, stLK, crLP, crMP xx EX FBA > Slash > EX.Flip kick.

It kind of just boasts “Yeah, One frame links are eaaaasssyyyyyy~” Though that’s just my pride at finding execution heavy stuff braindead kicking in :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you looked through Meteo’s Bleeding Edge video? There’s an assload of combos in there that are great for showing off.

@Kaibo: You should try to get P-linking into your muscle memory. It makes EX-RCF > crMP reeeeaaally easy. And if you want to end a round but don’t have QUITE enough meter for EX FBA, you can stHK after the roll.


thanks for the critique paichan, i will look at them after this weekend, too busy this weekend :smiley:

@rickie82 thank you, hope it will help!