Emeryville Sessions at A_Rival's pad...FEEDBACK NEEDED

Hey there!

I just moved to the East Bay, and I have a NICE spot to get some games in. I’d like to get some ideas on what days would work, and what kind of scene already exists.

Map here:

Let’s go!

I play with a friend every Monday night in Emeryville, and Chrisis has a Berkeley/Oakland border gathering on Fridays. AFAIK, that’s it for the immediate area. No more 510 scene since the Cannery days =(

oh wow… i live about 5-10 mins away from there. im down to game up. usually free monday and sunday.

Oh shooooot! I haven’t really played since I moved to Berkeley. I have a monitor and xbox that I can probably lug over Thursday nights.

im down for any weekday

i can actually walk there from my house lol

yo rival . i live like 15 mins away. im down haha

Tough break on the TV man! We gotta play for real soon.

Ok dudes… let’s set a date? What do you guys think? I have a new TV ready to go.

I have two finals this week, but from Thursday night on I’m down! Just say when.

I can bring a monitor, 360, and stick whenever you’re holding it assuming I’m able to make it, glad to have you in the east bay! :smiley:

fuck a weekday do it on a weekend. if weekday i say thursdays too

How are we looking this thursday?

BTW good to see you LB!

This Thursday is good for me!

Some people head to TNT Thursdays every other week, so it may or may not be beneficial to set that as the time.

I say definitely beneficial, since I can never make TNT. AND ITS ALL ABOUT ME, ALL THE TIME.

Seriously though, it’s nice to have the option.

whats up people. whats up rival. would love to support and come to sessions when i get back to bay.

What is stopping us from doing it every OTHER other week? :stuck_out_tongue:

My lack of thought, what a brilliant concept Rival! :o

Can I get a headcount for tonight?