Emeryville Sessions at A_Rival's pad...FEEDBACK NEEDED

I am wiped out from finals, so count me out for this week. Next time though for sure!

i also have finals this week. next week ill be free

This sounds awesome. What time will session start tonight? I might be able to join. Also, will there be Jill?

damn, alex, when did you move out of san francisco?

Lol at Tommy “will there be Jill?”

Hey players,

@Tommy sorry, TNT was going down, so it was a no go. I will unlock Jill for you.
@Jackson just moved!

Can we shoot for this Thursday?

I like this

I’m in.

I literally live right around the corner from you on Halleck St. lol. What do you guys usually play? I’ve been attempting to learn some KOF.

:frowning: out for this thursday - gonna drive down to LA.

i should be able to make it this thursday

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I have to cancel this Thursday’s meetup :frowning: I could only play for about 2 hours, so having a gathering for that short of time would be a waste.

Could you guys pm me your phone numbers for future event purposes? I will be able to play this weekend if people are still into it.


That’s too bad, would like to have played with ya’ll.

If anyone is interested in sessioning today, you can play at my place in SF city. PM for address.

im free friday. saturday im not sure.

Anyone doing anything before Thursday? I want to get some fights in.

I just realized now with TNT: South Bay, there will be a TNT Event every week.

Not sure how this will affect your sessions Rival.

I’m down. Emeryvile isn’t too far from Hercules.

I’m down to game up tomorrow if it goes down.

Hey, is this happening today? If so, what time does it start?

I am desperate for some east bay action! Whats going on guys? =D