Emil v. Interceptor/Exarkun/WSOP: Round 1 FIGHT!

Lets not clutter the BG thread

Just ban them for the Online section or something. Interceptor keeps saying random crap and Emil keeps replying to said crap.

There’s no reason I should be banned. Intercepter is a troll, he doesn’t reply with anything relevant to the conversation, and usually comes in out of nowhere when he isn’t called in.

And here i thought you guys were actually going to play something

Dear Battousai,
I regret to inform you that I am not aware of these so-called ‘macros’ that I use. Could you be so kind to help me understand how exactly you know that I use autofire or macros? Could you please prove that to me? The Lord Jesus Christ is very disappointed in you. He just told me that he is dropping you from the good boy list. Now on to the real stuff.

A. I do not use macros.
B. I do not use autofire.
C. I do not map buttons, no 3p, no 3k, no lp + lk, no cc’s.
D. I use my own stick with a PSOne PCB and HAPP controls.
E. I use a NEW Radio Shack PS1/2 to USB adaptor…
F. If someone asks me ‘what do you for a living?’ I give them the truthful answer.
G. When they ask me ‘how much do you make doing that?’ I give them the truthful answer.
H. You are not a savior coming down to save anyone.
I. I am happy with who I am, what I do, and my significant other and animals.
J. Jesus didn’t ask you to be a gossip/drama queen.
K. If you need a gun to shoot yourself after reading this post, because you feel like a fucking moron, I would be happy to hold the gun for you.

Hope you enjoyed yourself while reading this immaculate work of art. Have a great day.


Pic or it didn’t happen!!!

Macros accusations usually means you have killer execution. I remember when they accused YTK of that, but I don’t recall that guy having a bad game outside of his really sick max combos. I learned a lot losing to that guy.

pic of…?

Wow, I see this shit is still lurking behind peoples minds. All we need now is Intercepters input. This feud is still running around online? I gave up hope one night between the three of us being Emil, cepter, and myself, remaining neutral. Just untill any of us open our mouth towards eachother then I am fine for now. I’ve never really cared about the imprudent remarks made toward me, just the fact that the shit kept rambling on and on, and the drama just kept escalating. I have not been on mame for about two weeks or so, Guilty Gear has got my attention, I just hope you guys are getting along. But if I found out about any accusations made against me example. . . . that I mash, or I am random . . hahahahaha I wouldn’t mind proving it to you on ST, WSOP chuck up the gloves bitch, HO HO HO!

I’ve read the previous post in the BG thread, the only time I’ve ever seen WSOP talk mad shit was when me and cepter were accusing him of being jake the snake, then again I’m sure that would cause anyone to get pissed. Just being away from mame for awhile really does some good, it’s relaxing being away from all the drama people circulate, it’s also reassuring because that program is only meant to play fighting games online. Any other bullshit people conjur up will come from their ignorance of losing or lack of. Fucking shit Cepter, have not talked to you in awhile, so did you ever figure out what 128 F was? or do I still have to talk to you in alien language 54C, you better get that Deejay ready, “niggah gonna die” LOL!

LOL@this thread. It’s so completely unnecessary, but I guess drama is entertaining…

What up Exarkun. This had nothing to do with the previous encounter. We already won that battle. Everyone already knows that emil is in his own world, and no one will take anything he says seriously ever again.

I just wanted to mention that his discrimination towards Battosai was unjust. That was it. I have no beef with Battosai either. Even though he did have something against me, which till this day I find stupid. Believe me man as good as my guile was that day (he really wasnt in my opinion) I assure you I am not a guile player, and i don’t play in tournaments. No need to get worked up over it. (Excpet that last one I got dragged into.) But I already said what I had to say to him about that.

emil my conversations are always relevant. Everything you just had said is a perfect definition of yourself. Just leave me be, and go tickle your tinker with Timothy or something. Then sell the video tape to Hitaro…(he will thank you for it) Then take that money and buy yourself a whole new racket, with smaller webbing for that tiny nut of yours. (I noticed your old one is too loose for you)

Ex don’t worry man, my Deejay is always ready…ready to box down your rossclot!lol. You know man I still don’t even know what was worse though. emil confessing to us about his sick fantasies…or him accusing us of lag tactics…bah well…all i’m saying is this people…and i’m dead serious. He should not be around sibblings.

I already said what I had to say before. I do not care about anything anymore. THE END.

Anything to keep the BG thread from being monopolized by these two

PLUS the entertainment factor is great

IMO it got boring when people stopped making sense. Wich wasn’t long after it started.

Read this again WSOP, clearly I never accused you used marcross(just forgot to separate the subject paragraphs my mistake) I accused you of getting under peoples skin, not to metion you argue just for the sake of arguing. Anyway here is:

"Well, I had no Idea that this auto fire thing was that serious until someone (appoligies to Recluseman I had you mistaken for someone else) told me after I quit playing on Kalleria when I played him at SJGL. I thought of auto fire as simply rapid shorts and other normals, etc, but I did notice that there was auto fire detected on most of the games I played on ST and CE. It’s quite pathetic some of u actually use a program for laying out specials and combinations on one button(no wonder there execution was a little too perfect on a laggy online game play, so now I know for sure that I have been losing against amateurs abusing auto fire, macross). Players you know who you are.

Second subject: to the players who and to say to me “I don?t take online gaming seriously (Jake the snake, Astro boy, sandwhich, live92, WSOP, that instigator trouble maker fire starter with the username (?)), all sure do If you are taking the time to flame and criticize and get under people skin with negative feedback for no reason other than boredom and I am speaking for all that has dealt with this common issue as well. But, I forgive you all.”

Intercept: I had nothing against you my man, I just didnt like that guy named (?) or I am told his name is “what” now instagating crap talk(which he also started this crap between wsop and I). And even though that guy was a complete jerk you still agreed and went on that guys side at the time. Also, your opinion of my Guile being not good online is fine I dont care anymore, offline is a different story and dont mean to brag that I have had nothing but possitive feed back about my Guile by Top players such as Graham and Alex Wolfe, Mike Watson, Shirts and not to metion the ameture level players as well(this is a fact just pm them, and I know most of u guys response for me saying that would be exuse my language qoute: " I dont give a fuck"). Those positive opinions from offline players are what count me.
But its not enough to keep me playing or compete anymore, since I have devoted my time to more important things. End of story

Good bye,


thats not how we do things around here


Read this again Battosai, clearly I never accused your guile being not good online (you just forgot to read the subject paragraphs…your mistake) You accused my guile of being very good online, although (I thank for your compliment) wasn’t in my opinion, very good at all. You then made an acusation that I am actualy lieing to you, and that i’ve been playing guile for years and years. I have only been playing SF for a year and change. I am not the best. You were very frusterated though, which puzzled me. So what i’ve done and always did, was show the proof. Witnesses told you that your acusations weren’t true at all, but you still refused to believe. Anyway, just because i have beaten you in those mirror matches doesn’t mean I had any real skill. They were more or less flukes, my guile was very sloppy. You showed better skill. I hope that is clear enough for you.

Regardless, I do not recall “?” instagating crap talk, and me siding with him. I am not the one to pick sides, I am fair. Just PM me from now on, and fill me in. I am finished with this riff raff.

I’m always about playing. Everyone knows that. I cannot however speak for others.

Dracula x…you seem like a cool guy. Lets get down for some games…

Also, Ryu1999…try not to be an emil and get at me in ST…You’ve been hiding from me long enough.:wgrin:

As for everyone else, stop talking and get at me at GW. It doesn’t matter who you are.

how can you possibly accuse someone of getting under people’s skin? you can’t. you either do or you don’t.

secondly, if you had more important things to do, you wouldn’t have ever posted anything.

thirdly, i don’t have to explain myself to you or anyone else on here.

last but not least, suck a dick.

lol yall are still going with this shit huh

The stuff with the artwork was interesting. . . haha everybody has there knicks and knacks. I guess that’s his MO. I still want to toss that niggah around as if he was yesturdays trash, I can read your sorry ass like a book you heard me preach exactly what you were going to do next over the mic, shit I could of even busted out rhymes. Don’t let what other say get to you, especially people who constantly talk shit. Battousai should know this, god has everything planned out for everyone, what shit people put in your life he does to two times harder to them. So that’s why I’m here, to put an end to your scrub ass play BITCH! haha see you around man, stop making porn in your factory.

generally the idea is that you dont respond to trolls