Empire arcadia arc university

Okay, so I’m a beginner, both to srk.com and to sf4. I love the game and its become a serious passion for me. I understand the game mechanics pretty well (plinking, option selects, crouching techs etc etc) but no matter how much I try i can never seem to implement these things in actual gameplay and I often find myself losing to people who I can tell aren’t even good but still mop the floor with me… easily.

So Being a new yorker I came across the Empire Arcadia website and saw that they offer training sessions where players from all around the world can actually learn from their pro’s. The set up described to me was basically you pay to live at the arc for a pre determined amount of time and in that time you learn from the pro’s. who ever is there will teach you how to play and the intricacies of the game. simple and awesome concept in my opinion.

My question is, has anyone taken part in this or any of the arc university training? If so what was your synopsis? Or, does anyone have any legitimate info (not speculation) on it and how comprehensive it is? Im leaning towards going thru with it but I just want to make an informed decision. My biggest fear is that i’ll be like a third wheel hanging around asking too many questions lol. Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.



Honestly dude, read up on SRK then take whatever money you’d pay for “university” and go to CF and just play SF4. People will answer your questions.