EMPIRE ARCADIA evo war report


~Born to Play~

It didn’t go down as we expected, but it didn’t go down as bad as most did. Over all Empire competed in MVC2, CVS2, ST, 3rd Strike, and team Marvel. As Empire Arcadia, we ranked top 5 in 3 of the games. We wanted to win at least 3 of the games, however that did not happend. Being that US as a whole only won 2 games at evo period. That was Tekken 4 and MVC2. That is Midwest and East coast, Although…east coast had some issues staying together as a whole, Empire and them, but at least in the end we pulled through. Marvelous, put in his profile that was in his intro to Marvel, “East Coast is the truth.” So he represented you guys. East coast and the Empire owes great thanks to Ricky, for coming through and helping us secure a win for the coast, at the expense of them calling him a traitor, but at least he isn’t banned from EVO or any tournament from the cannons anymore. As a coast being that we ranked top 5 in 3 games, and top 8 in 5 games, over all as a coast we did better than last year, which should finally earn us respect as competitors. Although I met a lot of cool west coast guys, Choi, Cole, Buk this isn’t for you when I say this, but if west coast doesn’t want to respect us after this, and I don’t mean Empire Arcadia, I mean the East coast, FUCK YOU.

Other than that, It was a great tournament, alot of upset. Cole and I were chanting “NO FEAR”. That is what it is all about. FUCKING SABIN, beating BUK, sure pal. However we cheered on Arturo and supported him, and in the end he pulled off an upset. Arturo, representing Empire Arcadia, top 8 in the world in CVS2 oh my FUCKING…#$#! Cole beating Ricky, I was shocked as hell. Good shit cole, but how you gonna, beat my man like that, you fucked up our chances of taking CVS2. But good shit none the less. Wait a minute, Marvelous beating JOHN FUCKING CHOI! Hold that shit Jeron, told you Empire that shit, no fucking fear. I just wished you were there to see us play our hearts out. You would have been proud of the Empire. Over all there were alot of upsets, Ricky and Row, and this is one thing I have to say about the cannon’s, that was the phattest presentation that you guys put together. Ahh…other than the Japanese fucking us up “WELL” it was a classic east vs west. Both holding down their sets. Until the next major, Hail to the Empire.


“All Hail the Empire Arcadia” (bows)


Getting top 8 at EVO doesnt = Top 8 in the world… unless it’s Marvel you are talking about. The truth of the matter is, there are like 20 JPN CVS2 players that didn’t come that could have easily been top 8. Tokido, Dan, Shiro, Togawa, Otaku and the rest of them… it woulda been top 8 JPN had they gone.

Props to Justin for winning MVC2… saw it coming, but it’s still a great feat nonetheless.



~Born to Play~

okay then… top 8 at Evo.




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Good job to all the empire members who did well. Especially Justin. I would have congratulated Justin personally since he was hella cool to me when i went to new york, but i had to drive back to Irvine asap. Nonetheless, good shit.


:lol: way too funny! :lol:


Okay, I’ve listend to Tri-Force and his fantasy bullshit ever since before ECC8. I wanted to tell him to fuckoff at that time when he was all like justin won mvc2, ricky won cvs2, OMFG, empire is so good.

Now he’s doing it again for Evolution. I have to set the record straight now that I have seen first hand of his corruption and his gayness. So here is my reasons for saying fuck you triforce you faggot motherfucker.

  1. Tri-force is 35 years old. He’s the captain of a video game club…but he sucks at videogames. He wears a shirt that says emperor on the sleeve. He wears a Powerglove…all the fucking time. He wears a legend of zelda watch…all the fucking time.

  2. He’s the manager of a video game store. He employs top players. He says he’s the leader. They all represent him. When all the top players want is the free t-shirt.

  3. He posts about the empire as “rolling with 2g’s in their pockets and pimping bitches coast to coast. Join us and fly for free.” In reality no one except Sanford got a ticket for free. Only the top players even went. And in the end all the contribution empire made towards their members was getting them a group discount. Oh did I mention that triforce had to make justin post about getting the rest of them lodging?..didn’t tri-force say members all stayed in 5-star hotels for free? What happened?

  4. The 5on5 is EC vs WC. I repeat: East Coast vs West Coast. Justin was assigned the duty of captain and it’s his call what happens. Then, why is it that Tri-force is there trying to call shots? I don’t think cannons even let him past the ropes for VIP sitting. Good reason cause you know, all that video equipment might’ve interfered your Power Glove.

  5. The Defining reason why I am telling Tri-Force to go fuck himself.

Fri- 11am. Sanford cannot attend evo for being a retard so Justin calls a 2of3 last minute single elim qualifier for the 5th spot. Nestor wins. 2mins later ricky pays off his debt. Justin lets ricky play nestor 2of3. Ricky wins one set. Replaces Nestor. Everyone bitches. Too much controversy. Why should Ricky only play one set and nestor had to play the entire tournament? Justin puts Nestor back on the team to be fair.

Sat - 9pm. In the arcade downstairs there is a bit of commotion among the 4 EC members minus Nestor. I go to ask what happens. Depsite hearing 2 different versions, I have heard 3 times of the following version.

Tri-force walks to nestor and hands him 50 dollars and says, “You’ve been compensated and we’re kicking you off the team. We don’t want you we want ricky.” Some have said holy shit!!! $50. I’ll take that. But most finds it an insult. A player who got 5th place at evolution last year is finding himself bought off by a 35-year old powerglove wearing faggot whose only claim to even being at evolution is the fact he employs justin and sanford.

Another version is that Triforce told all the other members that they wanted Ricky instead of Nestor. Now hypothetically, if nestor was in Empire and Ricky was not, would TFGM be so vocal about getting Nestor kicked off the team and being replaced by Ricky?

I find out later that Tri-force wants Justin Wong to kick off Josh Wigfall from the 5on5 team because Josh refuses to be bought in by Tri-force’s lies and gay wardrobe.

In conclusion, I am saying this because I find Tri-Force a faggot. I find the concept of Empire Arcadia stupid. Sure all players have crews, but telling lies for many fanboys to join only to send the top players to evolution is bullshit. I have seen his posts as have many others. Tri-force’s advertisements of being a billion dollar gaming company, only to say, sorry can’t send you this year, maybe next time when we all knew the people that he was going to send…but wait. Did he even send anyone? I did hear that he bought sanford’s ticket, but everyone else bought their own.

I find tri-force to be nothing but a fanboy. Sure he is manager of a video game store, he’s “Born to Play”, he’s the “Emperor”. But in all reality, he is nothing more than a fanboy. Why was he even at Evolution? Did he enter any games? If he did, did he win any games?

I try to ignore Tri-Force and his elitist fan boy ways, but I couldn’t anymore when I personally witnessed him dicking over a friend. I couldn’t anymore when he tries to take the credit of Justin winning and Ricky beating Row. I’m sick of his posts pretending that he actually did something and contributed anything towards members of the Empire’s wins. Mixup didn’t join the Empire until after the singles tournament. Will TFGM post, WOW, another member got 9th. He gives East Coast a bad rep when he tries to be the spokesperson for an entire coast when hasn’t even met most of the players. He gives EC a bad rep when he walks around with a fucking power glove 24/7. Does he take it off in the shower?

Tri-Force should go away or stop pretending to be something he’s not (a real gamer) and admit to what he really is (a fanboy). Team NY sounds fine. Team EC sounds fine. Empire would be okay if it found new management.

~Born to tell TriCockDeepThroater to go fuck himself~


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Im a retard fuck you nigga SHIT happens thats life asshole STFU.

Question about Juri
Question about Juri

yo sanford, you know I ain’t got nothing but love for you. That shit was sarcasim yo. That was the only part in there that was sarcastic though.


LOL, that was hilarious Blaziniflo:lol:

Marvel Comics presents Fem-Thor
Marvel Comics presents Fem-Thor

you dont understand the empire so stop with all the hate alot of your info is wrong btw I know we are cool im just talking shit because I may come to the next florida tourney my nigga:cool: .


you’re the fucking truth sanford. Anytime you come to florida, you got a place to stay.

My post concering TFGM is concerning TFGM. It doesn’t directly attack the empire, as I have many friends in the empire. Actually come to think about it, I don’t think there’s a single empire member I don’t like. But I do not like TFGM. I don’t like his actions, his elitist attitude, and his personal agenda to be the sole leader of the gaming community on the EC. And I really don’t like his outfits. With that said, if there is anything I posted directly false or flat out lies, I will apologize when I have received confirmation about such things. I will recant and apologize to TFGM to his face. But until then, my statements hold. TFGM is nothing but a fan boy and he can go fuck himself.


I understand yo ill pm you and let you know hopefully when im coming to fl
:cool: .


Look, If you have have beef with Triforce, fine. You want to call him names, ok. But don’t fucking call the rest of the empire fanboys because we didn’t go to evo. We all have different reasons for joining- NONE of us joined because of Justin, Ricky, Sanford or Arturo… 90% of us were here before them(minus Sanford). True, Triforce only sent the top players, but this is EVO. THE BIGGEST FUCKING GAME TOURNAMENT IN THE US. It was imperative that EA took home some kind of prize. If people who merely play MVC2, CVS2, or any other game went, we’d be scraped. Anyway, my point is, if you’re going after TFGM, go after TFGM. Don’t fucking attack the rest of us.


sorry, but you wouldn’t of replied so angrily if you weren’t just a unimportant minion of the empire. If TFGM had planned to send only the best to EVO, he should of stated that. I never read that though. I only read we’re the shit, join us and bank and be a pimp. You’re making excuses for the empire. You’ve been conned by the empire. Go back and re-read your post. If you’re not a fanboy, then I don’t know what you are.


It seems like the only problem here (as i stated in the other thread) is that TFGM overstepped his bounds in interfering with the 5on5. In saying this we do have to realize that all the EC people weren’t excatly on nestor’s side either “god, ricky please take nestors spot”, “WHY why nestor”, etc. I don’t think there’s a need to take this out of proportion, seems like a mistake, hopefully it will be fixed, and people will act like an EC team regardless of what subdivision they are a part of.

The trick is to take over without people realize they are being taken over, like MS, or srk… well it’s not always a bad idea :).


If using the word “fuck” twice in a statement means that someone is angry, than just about everyone should be fighting eachother right now. I wasn’t angry. I was defending the honor
of my teammates while using language I thought you’d be familiar with, being as though in your previous post you talked like you were raised on the mean streets of Florida( :lol: )
And I’m not making excuses, I’m stating fact.

look, this is all just fun. I admit, if Triforce really did what you said he did, that’s really fucked up, and he was in no position to do it. But I wasn’t replying for him or for me, I was doing it for my peeps that’ve been in the Empire before Justin, Arturo and Ricky and don’t post on SRK. You would do the same. peace