Empire Arcadia: Gamers Unite 05/07

This is not a tourney guys. Its more of an event. All of you heard about the news yesterday about the shooting. This is very sad and one of the politician said it was due to violence videogames. Now we know we are mature people.

What: An event for the unforseen accident in Virginia
When: May 5th at 1:00 pm
Where: Bryant Park
1440 Broadway
Manhattan, NY 10001
United States
Why: Show them politicans whats really good and show them the diplomatic way

Empire Arcadia Inc. will gather as many gamers as they can in New York City at Bryan Park on Saturday May 5th, 2007 at 1pm. There we will protest, morn and show how real gamers play videogames peacefully and responsibly. This demonstration is to show that gamers will not take the blame of this tragic matter but we will do what we can to help put an end to terrible events like this. We reiterate and urge that all leaders of gaming communities, organizations down to the last gamer to set aside 10 hours of this day to pay respect and come together not just as gamers but as HUMAN BEINGS for peace. Bring you Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and Playstation Portables. Bring your favorite games to link up and play with your friends. Tetris, Tekken DR, Mario Kart and more.


Other organizations of their respective communities and locations are urged to follow suit to help in unity and show the world what how responsible real gamers are. Stay tuned for local myspace invites in your region and location for similar events.

?It?s ridiculous how our so called leaders who are suppose to be adults handle matters like this. If that is the case, you might as well have today?s children run this country. I?m tired of the complaining and displacing of blame to tragic stuff like this. Since they will do nothing about it then I guess us gamers will have to. If need be we?ll gather the largest force of gamers on the planet to protest against random violence in schools and in the world period. I wonder at times who is worst the psycho?s doing this crazy stuff or the politicians that want to place blame on a videogame. Disgusting! You politicians want to take on gamers we?ll show you how to play this game.?

-Emperor TriForceGameMaster

Full Article: http://www.empirearcadia.com/community/com-104.htm

So come out guys for some SUPPORT!!!

MYSPACE version: http://events.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=events.detail&eventID=326388.19752&Mytoken=93DF3590-CBC1-4DE5-A6E6096D1F1B86AF72857071

You didn’t actually rent out Bryant Park, did you?

We’re all just getting together to relay a message and what not, right?

lol yes chibi. we just rallying. you coming thru. Its going to be tight

Course I’m coming through.

I’ll spread the word best I can as well :3.

good shit!!! thats what we gotta do!!! Get out of state people for the cause!!

Everyone should come out and support. With gaming opposition senators like Jack Thompson who more than likely will opproach the matter as such its up to us to get out there and be seen and voice our thoughts and condolences as well as act out against all the poiliticians and theyre followers and that they cannot and will not use games/gamers as scapegoats to blame the actions of tragedies in our society.
Empire Arcadia along with other gamers and organizations will be there to once again pay condolences, have a enjoyable social event/enviornment and voice out aginst this ongoing poilitical steroetype that is and have always been deplicted towards gamers.
Hope to see everyone there!


Not just that senator Jeron… Hillary Clinton wants to stop Mature rated games from beeing made aswell… so, say good bye to GTA, GOW and games like that…

I’ll be there for sure!

lol Shankar Im aware of what Hillary’s aspect on the matter. See you there bruh!
btw I posted on GD heres a little follow up…

I agree with what you guys are doing. I think that you should contact local news, do an official press release, etc. Also I think that someone…yes, even Triforce…should prepare a serious speech about the history of competitive gaming and how it has historically been non-violent. I’m tired of these politicians spouting nonsense.

btw, i’ll help you write the speech if you want :slight_smile:

Damn…this sounds great. If I can round up some peeps and get a little money, expect to see SOVA there. Good luck in any case!

Wow, this is actually sounding like an even bigger and better event than I thought.

Too bad I’m not in NY, as I feel strongly about putting a good face on games after hearing so much slander in the media towards our hobby.

You guys should really contact people like Penny Arcade and G4 and hype up some publicity regarding the event.

Shiki: we are doping that and have been contacted by national news organizations and many vg companies about the rally - its been posted on sites from cnet to destructoid, etc.

Here’s the dtoid article:

Just a suggestion, wouldn’t something like this be ideal for EVO East? You maximize the amount of driven gamers who are passionate about their cause in one shot and we all know we can take time to show support for those lost in VA.

Well the date is already set in stone but theoretically would it be ideal to hold this on Evo East? I dont think that it would be a good idea. The event is in NY and Evo is in conneticut for one. Two the event/rally & gathering will run from 1-10pm. It just doesnt coenside with anything that Evo East is doing. Its a nice thought though.

I will be coming by to show my support for you all… I’ll be bringing my DS as well as copies of Animal Crossing and Megaman Battle Network 5, if anyone wants to come visit my town in AC that’d be cool, and if you want to battle me in MMBN I could use the practice (I’m using Team Protoman).

See you all there. :slight_smile:

Make sure to find as many quotes by any relevent polititians or political analysts that point blame on interactive media as you can so when questioned by the press you guys will appear informed, researched and serious. Also I would suggest having the media present during a spacific event of mourning for those lost so no contractor will be able to spin your event the wrong way, and claim that EA is using the tragedy for political gain. From what I know about the polititians that have come out against gaming they will fight as dirty as possible and they would be low enough to try to turn an event promoting peace like yours in a negative light.

Anyone mentioning this to NY1? I figure they might be interested in this sort of thing.

Damn i may just take the train up there that, Problem is yalll are doing it on a thursday, so unless u move it, might be hard for people to go. I would seriously go out of my way to meet up with yall.

I fully believe we need to show them by example that we are the gamers of today and that people that play games for real, especially SRK are some of the best communities around. As difunctional as we are I cant name better ones.

Ill see if i can get some MD/VA people intrested in this. If i come up though might as well stay the entire week so i would expect to play some games.

May 5th is a Saturday.

Will there be any non portable systems? At least someone to plug in a laptop?