Empire Arcadia vs. ECC8 war journal


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Re: ECC: DSP vs the Empire in Super Street Fighter 2


Originally posted by Punish3r


DSP, webmaster of Top-Haters.com against TWO of "THE EMPIRE"s best in Super Turbo. To be revealed at ECC. Handicap match.

Match stipulations: two sets of best of 5. Back to back. Blind pick. DSP can change characters if he beats the first Empire member the first set.

The bet:
-If The Empire wins, DSP will publicly admit at ECC AND on the SRK boards that the Empire is the bomb shiznit. I will also put something up on Top-Haters.com.

DSP vs. Jeron Grayson, and Flash Gordon of Empire Arcadia.

Congratulations DSP, a dark day has befallen two of the Empire’s soldiers. DSP defeats Jeron and Flash G.

  1. DSP is awarded $250.00 and rights to talk smack about Empire Arcadia.

Detailed results: After Jeron and Flash G lost, to try and save Empire Arcadia’s reputation against DSP Santhrax decided to get involve and help get back at DSP for beating his fellow commrades. Santhrax fought well and won the first set, however DSP came back and beat Santhrax over all in sets. Good battle guys, that includes you too DSP.

PS: You know this is not over, you will run into the Empire again. Sooner than you think. Until then.

Day 1: Marvel versus Capcom 2 Team Tournament Results


  1. (Marvelous) Justin Wong
  2. Ricky Ortiz
  3. (X) Desmond


  1. (Mixup) Mike
  2. Blazinflo
  3. Josh Wong


  1. Mike Pungza
  2. Brandon
  3. Damien

4th - TJN {TEAM}

  1. Tony
  2. Josh
  3. Nestor


  1. Santhrax (Sanford)
  2. Matrix (Chris)
  3. Blue J

Tied 5th - G-UNIT {TEAM}

  1. Wigfall
  2. Mike D
  3. Jason Hall

Congratulations to all the winners, and respect to all competitors.

Day 2: Single Super Street Fighter 2 Results

1st - Jason Cole
2nd - Henry Cen
3rd - Pete Talley

Single Street Fighter 3rd Strike Results

1st - Ricky Ortiz :Empire Arcadia
2nd - Flash Gordon : Empire Arcadia
3rd - ArcadeKid
4th - Ed Ma
5th - Marvelous (Justin Wong) : Empire Arcadia

Single Street Fighter EX2 Results

1st - Julian Robinson
2nd - Arturo Sanchez
3rd - Jeron Greyson : Empire Arcadia

Day 3: Single Capcom Vs. SNK 2 Results

1st - Ricky Ortiz : Empire Arcadia
2nd - Marvelous (Justin Wong) : Empire Arcadia
3rd - Santhrax (Sanford Kelly) : Empire Arcadia
4th - Arturo

Street Fighter Alpha 3

1st - Arturo
2nd - Ricky Ortiz: Empire Arcadia
3rd - Marvelous (Justin Wong) : Empire Arcadia

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Results
1st - Marvelous (Justin Wong) :Empire Arcadia
2nd - Josh Wigfall
3rd - Ricky Ortiz : Empire Arcadia
4th - Mixup (Mike)

NOTE: Santhrax (Sanford Kelly) DNP: This information is has been confirmed. Until futher notice.


Yo we dominated the tournament. Hold dat shit.


Ok buddy, whatever you say. You didn’t do shit. When the Empire buys out half of the top players on the east coast, of course they’re going to “dominate the tournament.” Give me a break.

As for my grudge match, all I have to say is…

I GOT PAID!!!:lol:


~Born to Play~

Here we go. Heh…yeah you got paid, but I heard that Marvelous and Santhrax scrapped you for free afterwards. However I guess in the end you win, because when it came down to winning you beat us when it counts. Good stuff. Until then.


Gotta agree…the results woulda been the same whether or not those players woulda joined empire. Empire can’t take credit for making those players what they already were.


Lol nobody “scrapped me.” For about twenty minutes afterwards Sanford and Justin kept playing me and trying to beat me, but couldn’t. Sanford finally took me off and I stopped playing. So what are you talking about? There was no “set” between me and Sanford, he just kept playing me casual until he finally beat me, which was only a matter of time (and luck).

Justin was beating my ass Saturday night but I was tired as fuck and had pretty much no reaction time. This was after 10+ hours of gaming already. So if you want to count that as something, go ahead. I have my $250 so I’m happy.


I’d also like to add to the ECC results, the Team ST tourney.

1st Team GOD Seth Killian (Balrog/M.Bison), Julian Robinson (Vega), Jason Cole (Dhalsim)
2nd Team PBS Phil Burnell “DSP” (Blanka), Bill Gould (Honda), David Spence (Dhalsim)
3rd Pete Talley (M.Bison), Kei (O.Gief), Mike Turner (New Ken)

I found the team tourney format very fun, and very different from normal tournaments. I think this is something we should definitely look into in future tournaments.


~Born to Play~

Damn…and I thought I talked to much. Until then…get sleep.


I think you are missing a tourney :wink:



Hi!!!Eo!! ECC was super duper funnerz! i had a great great time and i got to see everyone again it was great bye bye =)

um, im not empire. i’ve been affiliated with SomeONE else who represents real NYC for a while now, not no unknown empire.


Disssssssssss…who is tfgm? Does he play? Or is he just an agent: Taking 10% and all the credit?


It was cool seeing you and Artie own everyone up in cvs2 like when I saw you guys in fall river. I know you guys probally dont know who I am but I promise that I wont be scrubby the next tourney I run into you two at. Now that I am practicing at home I am getting everything down and learning more about the game. Maybe by then one of you will know ggxx and can own me up in that.:smiley:


Ricky ORTIZ is empire? damn, they’re turning into the Yankees, lol


Learn to read.


i cant get into my old account i think someone hacked into it and that is mad shitty and i AM part of Empire Arcadia and thats that i was wondering if admin can delete the old SRK name “kittypants”


~Born to Play~

OH MY FUCKING GOODNESS! This is rich, this is the worst of the worst. I love it! You mean to tell me this is how much hate there is in the game. I love it. Wait until I find out who is responsible for this. Until then.


What are you gonna do when you find out, challenge him to a $250 set? lol.


~Born to Play~

The fact that someone hacked his account to make that post is ridiculous. That actually made me laugh, because I thought Ricky tricked us, because in the same day Ricky came to the fort and was chilling with Mike and Arturo and only hours later I see a post that says that he isn’t in the Empire. Then the next day he showed up again in the morning and I spoke with him. I asked why did he go on Shoryuken and post that he wasn’t in the Empire I thought that we were cool. Ricky told me that he didn’t go on Shoryuken last night. Then I showed him the post and he said that he definently didn’t write the post. This is the worst now. He tried to log on and delete the post and he couldn’t log in. LOL what the fuck! Whoever did this certainly do not want the Empire to progress and that is some good shit. Good try pal. Make sure you do not blow your cover. Until then.


I know who is the fake kittypants Triforce hit me up on AIM



Don’t take this the wrong way…but you guys are straight up geeks; dorks; fukking trekkies of fighting game scene. Well, love what you do I guess…

p.s. Team Random owned you ALL!!! hahaha funny shit.


~Born to Play~

I see…however I don’t see team random 1st. :slight_smile: . Don’t stress it though. You guys are still good. Hmm… as for the geek thing…the Empire has a treat for you guys. You must have this impression that we just play games… Fighting games on top of that. How unfortunate. We’ll have to show you our chicks soon. Maybe they will be able to understand where you are coming from because I can not. Until then

PS: This is not for you Six arm, the person who is reading this knows I am talking to him. So we messed up your business plans and you want to get back at us. Tell you what you could have simply called and we could have spoken about this like gentlemen. However you took it to another level…a different road. No problem. See you at the end of the road.