Empire Arcadia vs. ECC8 war journal


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~Born to Play~

Girlfriends… call them what you want. I was talking about our female unit, but don’t worry insulting us and making us feel bad isn’t working because to very honest with you, on a very serious level… ah fuck it! On some real shit, we get pussy, money, and games, so fuck the world. lol. Until then.


:wtf: Excuse me? Now I’ve seen it all.

You’re Fired!



Eh, Im just fukking with you fukks :smiley: Its shoryuken forums…don’t take the trashtalk to heart…Learn from Sanford and Ricky…I heard peeps been dissing them since day one, and it don’t phase them…

p.s. I get MORE money, I get BETTER pussy, AND I don’t have be corny video gamer all the time to get them :smiley: jokes on you…



~Born to Play~

We knew that, we didn’t take it to heart you just did, but don’t worry about it we know you are just retaliating because the joke kind of offended you, but take your own advice. “Im just fukking with you fukks :smiley: Its shoryuken forums…don’t take the trashtalk to heart…Learn from Sanford and Ricky…I heard peeps been dissing them since day one, and it don’t phase them…” lol. Don’t worry dogs we are all laughing here playing with you, just like you are playing with us. However if your advice isn’t good for you, then take mine, if you can’t take jokes played on you then you shouldn’t give it to begin with, so be easy. No harm meant just talking shit like you. Lol. Until then.

PS: The last line you wrote, I completely doubt. lol.


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THe Robot siad it right



so simple, yet so true


hey, your right!


~Born to Play~

Damn, what did I ever do, for everyone to think that I am stupid. Hmmm…make money, and play games. If that makes me stupid. Then I agree with you all as well. LOL. Until then.

PS: TFGM you are stupid. LOL


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Umm…I just said that. Why are you telling me that? Are you mocking me. You know mocking people isn’t polite. You should stop that. Until then be nice and Game On.


you are stupid. i’m not telling you what to do i’m just telling you youre stupid. keep paying for airfare until youre broke… stupid.


ahahahaha this is madd stupid…in infinite’s words…FUCK THE EMPIRE, STUPID BITCHES:lol: :lol:


~Born to Play~

I find it hard to believe that you guys are not taking this serious. I always wanted to know why are you guys so serious about hating something that you know nothing about. You say that it is only smack talking but if you were someone reading from the outside you would wonder why so much hate and if you read the quote above /!\ you wonder if this is how they really feel or just talking crap behind the computer because they have nothing else to do. Whatever the case, you guys should look at the Empire from a different angle. Other than the fact that you are told that the Empire pays for the flight of its representing gamers, why are so many gamers joining the Empire? Is there something else more than just plane fare? Also why would the owner lose money just to have gamers represent his company and not himself, for selfconcete reasons? Is he losing money? There are many questions that you guys do not have the answers to, and instead of just saying who cares, because you are not bright enough to figure the answers out maybe you try to figure the answers out. If not, remain feeble and bash, I kind of like it. I come online looking for entertainment, and I am happy that I can find it here on this site. LOL! Until then.


I think one of the reasons why there is so much negativity being beamed towards The Empire is because of the amount of secrecy behind it. I asked 2-3 different Empire people what the deal is with it and I was told “you’ll see at ECC.” Well, ECC was two weeks ago and still no real info has come out of it. Can’t any of these questions be answered?

What are The Empire’s intentions?
Why do people need to pay $300 to join?
How can $300 stretch out to make a player land up at every major that comes up?

Also, why should people have to “figure it out” ourselves? You come across as being awfully shady when you tell people to look at this “at a different angle.” The only “angle” I can see is that this is a front involving drug trafficking. Sorry, but it’s the only thing that “makes sense” to me. The players are submitting chump change in comparison to getting to each major, which alone can set them back approx. $400-700 in flights alone. You can’t expect people to be understanding of this group unless people know what the group is trying to do. This doesn’t just go to The Empire, but any group or club in general - if they want the support of the public, the group must explain what the group’s purpose is.

So please, for the love of God, explain what The Empire is all about instead of spinning these whack ass yarns about figuring it out ourselves.

(and before you even say it, don’t tell me I’m dense or anything like that, because I know PLENTY of people in the community are scratching their heads about this one.)

Thank you,



First of all, this shit is all new to me…now I have even less respect for the Empire…hahahaha…you guys basically paid $300 for that stupid t-shirts…hahahahha. I was thinking of putting out my own line of SRK player t-shirts. Justin Wong t-shirt would have man-boobs drawin in the front and Sanford t-shirt will come complete with extra phat stinklines drawn in…

Todd’s explanation is the best…they are secretly trafficking “Super Cool”!!! :smiley:


~Born to Play~

Okay, I see that you are fairly in the dark about things and you need some light shed on this subject. However I would like to put to rest some things that are false about the Empire. There was a person on this site called Bill Walton and he was making post stating that he was in the Empire and making false statments about people having to have to pay $300 to join, then leaving a mail address for him to pick up to join. He is a fraud and is not apart of the Empire. I don’t put down people about there intelligence unless they come across as being rude or sarcastic. You have not said anything that warrents me to say something like “You idiot, it’s simple, figure it out yourself.” Being that is the cas we can move on to what the Empire is. I can not give the details of how the company makes money for company security, however I can give you the generalzation of what we are and stand for. We are a organization of gamers who enjoy videogaming and socializing with other gamers male and female. How we make our money is confidential however we are legal. Only a few people in the Empire know how and they know not to speak on it. Our goal is simple, Millions of gamers having fun, thousands of games to play and experience, a powerful society built on videogames, and ONE EMPIRE to rule them all. heh… I hope this pisses people off. lol. However I am serious. Until then.

PS: LZJ, nothing personal, but in time you will be apart of the Empire, trust me on that, to many of the guys here ask for you to join, so its only a matter of time when you truly understand and find out what we are REALLY about then you will love us and get down. Until then…

PSS: Six Armed I made a post somewhere on this site where Bill Walton started talking smack about how he was apart of the Empire, and I made sure to discredit any and all speculations of what he said to be unture. I am not sure that you can find the post again, however I have made all the corrections. Until then.


Okay, so scratch what that billwalton guy says… Fine.

Your post still explained absolutley nothing though…

You are still being uber-vague about what The Empire does exactly. With the analogy that you gave me in regards to what The Empire is all about, we can be easily transplant this thought process to the motivation behind this very website “an organization of gamers who enjoy videogaming and socializing with other gamers male and female” just as you said it. That was one of my initial goals with ECC and my new project, Impact.

I’ve also heard other rumors regarding gaming companies funding this as a pet project for possible sponsorship of gamers and tournaments in the future - if you could clarify the validity of these rumors it would be good for the community to know, since getting corporations to get into the mix of tournament organization would certainly help bury some of the burden tournament organizers like myself have had to deal with.

If you wish to speak further outside of the SRK limelight, feel free to PM or email me. There has to be more that you can explain.


  • Please do not think that my intentions of understanding what The Empire does is due to my desire to join. While I play ST quite well, I do not have the time to dedicate myself to playing professionally. I find much more enjoyment out of tournament administration. Thank you.