Empire Dipset vs. The World

Empire Dip$et vs. The World

that’s right we’re ready for who ever want some…

members: Deus/Phat toi/justus/Deuce/Pozzle/Fernie/Kennywood/Party Boy/Ruin-/Japanegro aka Lloyd banks/Lynks/Diante “iceman” Evans/ others(can’t think right now)

We’re ready to take on every and anyone, you name it, teams, singles, 2/3 what up blood…

Also we have a side bet of nationalities: Team rillest Mexicans:

Ruin/Phat Toi/Beaner vs. Any 3 ppl from same the race…

Also fernie challenges rowtron to money match… not sure on amount.

Dip$et you already kno how we roll…

Also i take my bets on this thread which are:
challenge bryheem - 50(dunno if he’s going to evo, but i would like to play mr.random himself) :slight_smile:
infinite - 25-50
big dave - the rights to dipset and diplomat records…

edit: i retract my bet against hyo, because i stand no chance, and instead put all my faith on soo vs. x in which i am sidebetting 200 in soo’s favor, whoever is down, pm me. :slight_smile:

Empire Dip$et vs. The World

turn up to evo wearing pink you faggot

whats wrong?

i have

big dave 5 games $10 a game

who else wants to play =]

Re: Empire Dip$et vs. The World

i challenge you ekin: before i train you to becomes a monster…batch.

i want to learn the wayz of dip$et to the full extend

money match: i’ll play row for like 50 or less. for the first to whatever

Lets do this, we ready. i already got some money matches on lock, but if n e one wants to challenge the rillest IM in the world then scream at me.

also fernboi just said he wants to play rowtron first to 5, 30 bux. remember hes a 15 year old and aint got much dough

peace ~1~ DIP$ET DIP$ET, cuz we kick it with orangatangs that hang n bang

Empire Dip$et vs. The World

kk 4/7

deus kk 5 $10 games

i guess im not cool enough for empire dipset, eventhough i started all this dipset stuff.

I challenge any 1 of yall in VF4EVO if you got any players in it. Best of 5 for whatever amount. Get at me

food matches with anyone…in the words of dsp “im hungry”

count me in.

Empire Dip$et vs. The World

joo and me, marvel matches, first to 1,000. 50$ a game, ill take all your money ! :mad: :smiley: :confused:

Edit: And your fuzzy hat.

Re: Empire Dip$et vs. The World

if you really meant that post, i would take that bet fo shozzle…
i’ll play you for 30 bucks, since that’s how much my hat was…=]

who else want some wit this random mesican???

so any takers on the ruin/phat toi/beaner(me)vs same race:D

We had a white people vs. the world thread awhile back, but no real takers. Maybe any combonation of me/Mixup/Sentinaaaaaaaaal/Deus/Justus is willing to play you.

bill and justus are team dipset so no go on them,as for the others,sounds fun,i wanna play as many people from outa town as i can

Team white power is ready

empire dipset is the truth. fuck haters.