-Empire- Gaming Nam Tournament Result


~Born to Play~

Dead or Alive 3 (Xbox)

  1. Smithy
  2. Infinite -Empire/$yndicate-
  3. Robert

Super Smash Brothers Melee (Game Cube)

  1. Mike G.
  2. Wes
  3. Rafa

Soul Calibur 2 (PlayStation 2)

  1. Steve H.
  2. Erik X
  3. Dyse

Virtua Fighter 4 (PlayStation 2)

  1. Rodney (Konjou) -Empire-
  2. Shen Yin -Empire-
  3. Razel

This was a battle the Empire can not claim that we won, we fought hard but only came away with 1st in one game. The gamers here, showed the Empire that they can play with the best. We look forward to our next encounter. Until then.


damn sucks that Doa3 was on the day i had to work…ow well have it next tourny and i garentee ill be up in the number 1 spot


don’t worry you guys still won by only giving 29% for first place in sc2 and who knows what for 2nd and 3rd and then charging another $2 fee just to play casual on top of the $2 house fee


what happened to marvel and cvs?


I heard about this. $2 to walk in, $2 to have casuals, $5 entry fee and you took $2 from that for who knows what, leaving the first place pot for the winner a whopping $10. Steve won the tournament and still lost $30. I suggest you stop wasting the time of the 3d crowd. Do it right, or don’t do it at all.

Heh, now I am totally convinced that you guys didn’t have Tekken because there was no chance in hell none of you could win it.


How could the Empire win Sc2 when no one from the Empire entered the tournament? One guy even had on an Ivy T-shirt I’d thought “He might enter” but he didn’t. You guys gave up before it started,

Tournament ran A TON BETTER than it did last time it was just the turnout was pisspoor.


~Born to Play~

Actual you guys should watch what you imply, and get your facts straight.

1#. The place does not belong to the Empire. The owners of Neutral Ground or the people that manage it hire us to host tournaments there. They normally charge people to play the console games casually for $2.00 per hour.

2#. The tournament started late to begin with, I got there around 2, when the tournament was suppose to start sign ups at 1 and I apologized for the late entrance. So all the games that you guys played within that hour is what you payed your two dollars for.

3#. Long before anyone in the tournament entered the we posted online that the tournament was going to have a house fee for the “EMPIRE” and that would a be a one time charge of $2.00 per player. In this right we would make some money. This was stated before in the tournament and events section.

4#. If you ask anyone from Virtua Fighter 4 tournament 2 of the Empire players had there winnings cut, because the owner of the place took out %45 of what was for the tournament. I had to talk to him because of that, because it started to make sense why all of a sudden everyone was getting such low winnings on top of low winnings.

5#. After speaking to the owner I had a talk with my staff at the Empire to find out what were some of the problems in why earnings and winnings are so low and we have come up with a solution to make sure the next tournament does not turn out like this.

6#. Although over 40 people showed, it wasn’t 40 people for one tournament, it was split 4 ways into only 4 tournaments. Only two people showed for Halo, 5 people left when they found out Marvel had no sticks, after I told everyone pior to bring sticks if you have. Which is not a problem, because we just canceled it. Oh forgot to mention, no one showed for Capcom vs SNK 2. ??? So three tournaments had to be canceled. What can be said, we can’t run a tournament if you are not there.

7#. Do not make it sound like the Empire has not put out there for anyone. Unfortunately April 4th tournament was cancelled, but that was a puzzle tournament, in compensation to all the players that came there that day I created a “GameDay” event where the Empire would pay the entire day free of game play. That means $2.00 per head times 4 players per system, times 4 system from 1pm to 11pm which is 10 hours of free console game play. Just to note, we had to do that times two because not everyone would be able to play there full hour as people would be taking turns. Be that as it may we had to pay Neutral Grounds for it anyway. So lets do the math…$2.00 x 4 = 8 x 4 = 32 x 10 = 320 x 2 = $640.00. But you know what sucked about that…it was on Easter when everyone was home with their family. A blunder on our part, but look what was lost. However we did it for you guys. Shit happens.

8#. I spoke to the manager, and I told him that either we give him a flat rate on the tournament as his %, or we work something out. Whatever the case may be the Empire is going to start to put in pot money to not only bring more players, but at least secure that the winners will be able to make more than $10.00; and don’t even try to say something stupid like oh what is that Triforce a whopping $20.00! Sarcastic shit like that means you need to shut up, try doing what I’m doing and do it better then you can make jokes. We are working on budget to find out what can be done. However China Town like pots will be put up, anywhere from $50.00 to $200.00 per game.

9#. HOWEVER in order for us to make good on this, that means gamers have to stop complaining about controllers and whatever else is missing. Thoes systems aren’t ours, we bring our stuff to help, but we don’t have sticks for everyone. Members in the Empire lone their sticks to Empire competitors so that they practice. If you look at the V4 four competitors, they came completley prepapred with sticks and everything. Like I said before we will try to accomodate and service you better in the future with better sticks.

and finally #10. People who seems to want to comment on certain games. Number 1#! Tekken was not put in there, because we had a full slot of games that were chosen already. We can only run 7 games in a full day, and that depends on the number turn out. The more people, the less games. We only have from 1pm to 11pm. We can set it to 12pm to 11:30pm but that only give everyone an extra hour and a half. The building closes at midnight so it is something that can not be helped. When chosing the games we decided to pick two 3D games. Sorry if we choose the better ones. But that is just my opinion. Number 2#! We never said that Tekken would never be run again. If you want Tekken then we will supply Tekken. That is not the problem the problem is make sure that you show up with enough people within your local community to want to play the game. Don’t give me “well make the touranment better or the money bigger”, because if you can read above, we are now going to solve all the problems that we have had in the past. Number 3#! I am not going to hide anything from any of you guys, the Empire is about helping you, however we will not cater and bitch up to people just because they say so. So this is to the Smash Brothers community…and I say this with all the diligence in the world. The rules that were placed in the tournament are to cater to “ALL” players, not any one, or one set of players. Our job is to “SERVICE” the community not one or two players bases on there status. If all of the players at the Smash tournament all agree or at least most agree on having the rules one way then the rules will be changed right there on the spot to cater to the majority. However if you have a mid set of people that do not like the rules then we set a “STANDARD” default computer setting, that is the way it is when you start the game. Smash Brothers is “NOT” I REPEAT “NOT” classified under fighting games as a genre, although you fight in it. Now I understand that you guys want to play it like street fighter, but there is no arcade game that has a pre set determination on how it is run. THUS, if you call Nintendo, and ask how is the smash brothers “OFFICIAL” Tournaments are run they will tell you that it is Time/Melee based. Now alot of you are going to start bitching, but you must understand that is the company, your not the offical ones you know; they are. HOWEVER the Empire has gone out of their way to see that rules are made to fit EVERYONE. 5 STOCK, 10 MINUTE TIME SO NO ONE CAN TURTLE, ALL DIFFERENT STAGE, AND MEDIUM ITEMS, 4 PLAYER MELEE TWO ADVANCE TWO OUT. Eventually in the end it will come down to a one on one. At the tournament there were only a few players and they all requested that it be a one on one, so guess what we did. We serviced them. So stop bitching because the only way you can win is by the way you play. Real champions can win under any circumstance, isn’t that what you guys say. In fact as far as I see, it Rafa and Wess still come even with the rules not for them. I wonder what that means. But anyway…

Finally, if you want this blow up, support your community, rise up and come out to play. Empire Arcadia is here for you. Until then.

Important Note: So that everyone can see what type of games will be there and who will be attending, at the next tournament which will finally be posted 2 weeks in advance, meaning I am going to put up the next tournament Wednesday night (Est) time. Tekken 4 and Guilty Gear XX which was suppose to be in the tournament that past but I forgot to put it in will be there. Online sign ups will be available. We are working out a system on how to have people sign up for it. Whether it will on this site, or through Email. Until then.


~Born to Play~

Dyse… Empire did play in Soul Calibur 2, if you hadn’t notice Santhrax played but lost, hence why I said the Empire got beat up in this tournament. In actuality we prefer it this way. It’s called competition. Second the guy with the Soul Calibur Ivy shirt, just because you see someone wearing something does not necessarily mean that they play the game. They could just be wearing it because they like the shirt. Until then.


Good post TFGM. I agree with you. I’d also add that all of the NJ people for Sc2 brought their own sticks and controllers to the tournament like the VF guys.

It was still ran 100% better than last time. I tried to get more people for Sc2 which I did. Too bad the turnout was meager and there was only 1 ps2.

That will be the last time you’ll probably see the rest of “top tier NJ Sc2”. We’re use to guaranteed money as well. Reading your post I don’t blame you or the Empire. I blame NG, why should they take away from our winnings? We paid the $2 to play the games why should they take money out of our pot? Everyone was under the impression since we paid a house fee and a casuals fee that the pot would be 100% to the winners. The tournament brought THEM money, there were 40+ there, 40 PEOPLE would not have shown up normally to play games. Why steal our money? I mean CTFish prizes is a little much to ask but at least a top prize big enough to cover the winners traveling expenses and more.


Hey, don’t waste your time with Tekken since there are other “better 3d games out there”, in your opinion. You dudes suck at the game so it must be bad right? Whatever. Gaming Rule #1, don’t bad mouth a game when you don’t know jack shit about it. Play the shit competivily, learn the stragety, then gripe. Only people that play the game seriously, or has played it seriously can talk shit. Oh, but that’s just your opinion. So mine is that you should keep quiet about shit you don’t know about.

If you guys know whats good, you’d just stop making feeble attempts at holding 3d tournaments and stick to the wonderful infinites of Marvel vs. Capcom.

When chosing the tournaments I go to, I decided to pick the good organizers. We won’t be going to your low tier tournaments anymore. Sorry if we choose the better ones. But that is just my opinion. There are better tournament organizers out there aside from EA. Fucking :lame:

PS - If you want a better turn out, try announcing tournaments at the main website of the game a little earlier then 4 days before the actual tournament. Something even idiot tournament runners can figure out.


~Born to Play~

Fine then that is your opinion. Toddles.


who is Steve H? where is he from?


He’s Eternal Fighter on the SC2 boards, he’s from New Jersey, plays mainly at the Break.

Heh, choosing DoA3 over Tekken and saying that you chose the “better ones” is pretty silly. Does anyone even play DoA seriously?


He’s from Jersey.


~Born to Play~

We had to choose from the PS2 not the Xbox. The Xbox game was requested by gamers a month before the tournament. We try to get a game per system so that we can cater to all players whether they are fan boys to one company or system, or they can only afford one system then to the hardcore who has them all. D.O.A.3 has nothing to do with the choices of Tekken, Soul Calibur 2, and Virtua Fighter 4. I just can’t understand how everyone all of a sudden has a comment to make on the Empire because a bad turn out before just asking a question. Go Figure. Until then.


is this rodney that use to live in NEB???


simon: Yes that is your rodney :stuck_out_tongue:

For those of you bitching about the meager tourney pots read tfgm’s post again…especially #7…blame the fucking owner, dont blme him…and how dare some of you ppl say that he isnt doing enough to help the tourney scene…i guess some ppl just like to kick a gift horse in the mouth. sigh


I would just like to know what happened to all the people here who was asking us about putting Halo up in a tourny.onle like 3 people showed up and they were from the last tourny that we had.if your going to request a game please make some sort of an effort to show up.