Empire In The Mix

can anyone make me an empire av?

if possible, can two versions be made, one for non-premium, and one for premium. i plan on going back to premium soon .

here’s a description: tiesto on the left,
then armin, then ferry then paul on the right.

OR tiesto, ferry, paul and armin (left to right, theres two armin pics.)

then at the top i could say :Empire In The Mix in unsing the Komikazoom font, heres the link http://www.dafont.com/en/theme.php?cat=117&page=6&texte=Empire+In+The+Mix%99.
maybe a subtle touch of blue on the bg or and abstract bg, feel free to have some liberty on the bg. here are the pics:

armin 1-

armin 2-



any questions feel free to ask here or hit me up on aim @ regulat4life.

bump, :frowning:

I’ll take this!!!

ALRIGHT! :smiley:

any other takers?

um i’m on it doggie!

bump :bluu:

hey man sorry i finished it but ive been having computer trouble, i am on a different computer now but the one with your av on it should be fixed in a couple days! but if anyone wants to do this before then thats ok too!!!

regulate, you got my request fo sho! Should be done sometime tomorrow (monday).

ill wear both of them, yeah that would be cool. and no prob on the comp troubles. since i didnt hear anything from ya in a while i figured something had to be wrong. tis all good.

:mad: !!!

will someone else step up to the plate?