Empire needs housing

Well im asking for a favor that does not concern me. Can anyone that has a kindred spirit house my fellow Empire members during the 7th-11th. Thanks


who needs housing and how many people??

UMMM Iget back to u and stuff could u give me ur sn so we can talk in private.

yah my aim SN is the same as my srk name, spelled the exact same.

that kept it a secret. :lol: :lol: u couldve just typed it

When do you go online TheGreaterForce. Im like online and your never online. Please post

register to a hotel if all else fails.

How about u offer my fellow empire members a place to stay. They are pretty good in games like Sanford Kelly.

justinW- your going win again , because it looks like no one can beat you in marvel . :smiley:

Yo, its funny im usually always online, but i lost my internet this week. PM, and we’ll talk.

do you play at superarcade.

i use to every day of my life until the sticks and handicap damage were totally fucked up.



Can anyone else who live in Cali offer my friends a place to stay. They are big names in the EC like Sanford Kelly, Desmond Pinkney, Christian Ellis, and possibly Flash Gordon

i think this is kinda sad how no one wants to house this “empire” guys…no one really??:stuck_out_tongue:


because no 1 likes the empire?

If I lived in Cali I would have already vouched for Sanford on my couch. I’d make sure he was fresh everyday by waking him up with a nice cold glass of water to the face.

??? Justin… wha? Wait, did something change? Message me.