Empire pics: Wolverine and Hulk movies



Nothing too exciting to see.

I love Edward Norton :smiley:

homo or no-homo? not that it matters…

Think Hulk will curb-stomp someone in this movie?

“HULK CURB-STOOOOMMMP!!!” turns their face into goo.

lol no homo

And that would be the best curb stomp ever (apparently the guy who that movie is based off of lives near me…)

imagine the rape scene though…

so the hulk is coming out this year?

I agree…I don’t think I’ll be running to see the new Hulk movie.

Maybe wait until it hits DVD.

so the hulks gonna beat up black people?

No, I meant there’s nothing interesting to look at in the link provided. I’m, still interested in seeing Ed Norton play the Hulk. If he can fight half as well as he could in Fight Club then this could be fun.

DarkPhoenix: Yeah, supposed to be out in summer of '08.

Iron Man, Batman and Hulk in one summer? Damn.

Don’t forget Punisher with Jigsaw as well, so we have like four superhero movies on our plates. Sounds damn good to me!

Wolverine pic is alright, but I hated the X flicks so I doubt I’ll see it unless it’s got that R rating going for it.

Edward Norton looks all flabby, and like he’s about to cum in his pants. Fuck is he doing?! I keep picturing Joe from Family Guy doing the “Bring it On!” when I look.

had no idea another punisher movie was coming out, i love reading the punisher (probably favorite character to read, if not it’s up there), but every movie i see of his has bee somewhat “meh”, with jigsaw though i wonder if it’ll be when he’s in prison with him or before? sounds interesting :slight_smile:

It does look good, It’s titled Punisher: War Zone.

imdb link: http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0450314/

I don’t believe a trailer or teaser is out, but I found a few good fan made one’s. Overall my order of hero movies of anticipation looks like this:

Dark Knight, Punisher: War Zone, Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man.

1- Hulk in the new movie will look more monstrous like this- http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/b/b2/The-Incredible-Hulk--1-.jpg/180px-The-Incredible-Hulk--1-.jpg

2- Wolverine movie’s said to not have much connection to the 3 X-movies which could be a plus.

Hulk doesn’t look too shabby, and with an actual hulk villain (Abomination) I’ll be pretty happy.

If the Wolverine flick isn’t attached then I’ll keep tabs on it, since a serious Wolverine flick could be a very good thing. I’d like to see Silver Samurai or Sabertooth as the villain, but I doubt the first one (Sabertooth is likely).

Any news on the long rumoured Magneto movie? I also heard about a possible Ant-Man flick as well.

Sabretooth will appear in the Wolverine movie along with Gambit, DeadPool, J. Wraith and Silver Fox.
There’s already a thread for the Wolverine movie in the Comics Forum, it should be in Page 1 or 2 at least.