Empty Fight Stick Shells

Does anyone know where to get empty fight stick shells or have one laying around. I’m looking for either the madcatz SE or TE editions they’ve been making for awhile now. I know there are a few sites that sell custom boxes out of wood but i’m looking for something rather on the cheap side to stick some parts i modded into.
Thanks for any help!

You need to search for the Shoryuken.com Trading outlet. There is always people trying to get rid of shells now and then.

Lizard Lick also sells wooden cases made by Foe Hammer. They are quiet sturdy and worth the money.

Yeah, foehammmer quality is really top notch.

You mean totally empty? I got an SE im going to gut the PCB and stuff from. Id be willing to sell it.

Yea actually id be interested. You can hit me up on xbox since i see u got a gamer tag. My gamer tag is the same as my name. just hit me up with a price