Empty Finished Boxes for sale

Have been making cases for local players until now. This is a batch that was made for SRK. 10 boxes in total here ranging many different tastes. The Hickory boxes are extremely dense and heavy if weight is one of your major concerns. Also the ultra slim boxes will come with a small hole in the bottom as the joystick will not fit fully inside the case. Cases are designed for use with screw in buttons 30mm on top and 24mm on side. Tops will be routed to fit JLF joysticks for top mounting. If you have a different joystick mount request, this can be discussed. All prices include standard shipping to the lower 48. Paypal is accepted. PM me via the forums to order one. First come first served.
Feedback can be found here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=174670

Here are a few examples of past work:

These are the boxes on sale:
Lightweight box
SOLD PR1 Poplar Rounded flat Shellac Amber finish (has a greenish tint) $85

Heavyweight boxes
SOLD MR1 African Mahogany Rounded Angled Shellac Amber finish $110
SOLD MR2 African Mahogany Rounded Angled Shellac Amber finish $110
SOLD MC1 African Mahogany Chamfered Angled Shellac Amber finish $110
SOLD 01 African Mahogany Chamfered Ultra Slim Clear Shellac finish $95
SOLD 03 African Mahogany Chamfered Ultra Slim Amber Shellac finish $95

Ultra Heavyweight Boxes
SOLD HR1 Hickory Rounded flat Clear Shellac finish $95
SOLD HR2 Hickory Rounded flat Amber Shellac finish $95
SOLD HC1 Hickory Chamfered flat Amber Shellac finish $95
SOLD HC2 Hickory Chamfered flat Clear Shellac finish $95

Follow the link below to see pictures of each box. Each picture is named after the codes listed above. I can take more pictures on request of a specific box in sunlight to get a better range of grain and color.

Also note that there are 2 pages to this gallery to see all the boxes.


Please put me down for a



Damn, I can’t PM you (but I can reply, I think). Could you put me down for a MR/MC/01/03 box (just one, I’m just listing order of preference since I don’t know what’s left).

Interested in one of these

MR1 African Mahogany Rounded Angled Shellac Amber finish $110
MR2 African Mahogany Rounded Angled Shellac Amber finish $110
MC1 African Mahogany Chamfered Angled Shellac Amber finish $110

I’m pming you.

That was quick. I am getting hammered with pm’s so trying to update the post

Sending you money for the HR2 now. Paypal sent for 95 dollars. Would love that MR2 if that gentleman does not buy it, if not HR1 will be fine.


Ok money recieved on all marked SOLD. Working on a CA shipping quote on MR2.

Only HR1 and HC1 remain.

damn… seriously? I go to class and I get back and my chance is gone…sigh oh well…cases look awesome btw

Those are some nice cases man.

Great craftsmanship!

I’ll buy HR1 and HC1, if they aren’t taken yet.

PM Sent!


I got your PM and definitely still want the HR1 and HC1.
My PMs are disabled until I post a few more messages.
Could you PM me your email address and a total with shipping (to 91201)?
I’ll PayPal you the fees asap.


PM sent. My prices included shipping

Looks like all boxes are sold. I will change the title of the thread after recieving payment.

These will likely go out on wednesday.


Shipped today: Those people should have shipping emails



should ship tomorrow

I’m not sure how to edit the original title to show these are SOLD. Its greyed out at the top when I edit the post. If someone knows toss me a PM.


Will you be making anymore for SRK bonebreak?

Definitely interested in taking one similar to the rounded ones you listed. Took your advice on the buttons as well, thanks :smile:

Thanks for the interest. Next batch will be coming. Although I have no time frame. I have many complete sticks for people that I must finish up first before making more blanks. I will also offer custom slot orders for SRK in the future.

Looking forward to more. Great stuff!