Empty Happ/Sanwa shells

Gonna head home for spring break and will be making some joysticks for some friends of mine…If anyone is interested in some blank happ cases let me know. They will include all holes drilled and plexi or lexan top insert. They can be made out of straight MDF or other types of wood. All holes will be filled and sanded and ready to be painted/stained. Here are some pictures of past sticks/cases i have made. if i get my Sanwa parts that i ordered a coupled of days ago in soon, i will make some empty sanwa cases as well. But i will let you all know if I do.





40 + shipping for MDF case…will be filled and sanded down with fine grit ready to paint.

Can be more depending if customer wants different wood and if he/she wants it stained.

what about full customzz

In the air bout making full customs. Working on getting some pcb’s right now…only ones i have now are some that my friends are giving me that are their own. Working on getting a mass order of 360 controllers and starting to make full customs…So just for now only making empty shells.

I will buy an empty mdf shell whenever you can make a sanwa layout. Put me down for one.

if u make an empty mdf shell with a sanwa layout. count me in.

I’m somewhat interested in a Happ shell. How much more would it cost if I wanted it stained? Also is there a hole on backside for Stick cable. Also Holes for start/select?

I want one!!!

There are holes for start and select on the front side as well as a hole for the cord to come out…i will start making them next week when i get back home. Just wanted to see if anyone was interested

Any extra cost for you to stain? And what form of payment do you accept?

I’ll take one if you make them sanwa as well…good stuff!!

Well for the stain, i will use different wood and would have to buy stain…so stained boxes would be 50 + shipping

I’m interested in a pair of Happ boxes, do you have pics of those and will they support comp sticks? And would I be able to get a 4/4 neo button setup?

Also, do we get to choose the box shape, or will you choose one to mass produce?

They do support the comp sticks, but i am not familiar with the 4/4 neo button setup.

Chainz how would this work. Do we have to get in a queue? Send you a pm first? And specify what style we want?

Hey Chainz, i was thinking of something like this:

Or this is probably closer to the mvs, which wasn’t quite like i remembered.

Also, will you be doing the cammy style boxes?

I’m interested in two boxes, shall I PM you the details or are you not ready for orders yet? Otherwise, I’m ready to pay ASAP.

You’ll do great with the sales. :smiley:

Just PM me with the details…feel free to ask ANY questions on the type box you want…Some i can do and some i wont be able to do at the moment due to tools being broken :frowning:

But anyways…shoot me some PM’s of what you want and we’ll work it out.

PM sent, buddy.