Empty jump, cr. lk xx upper



Why does kokujin do this? Is he just going for it or is he doing some high-level dudley shit that I don’t know about?


What part of it don’t you understand? He feints an overhead, does a low, and combos off it into a knockdown.


dudleys jumpins can hit really deep and you have to last second parry, but if you do that he can reaction upper or super after a c.lk if he sees ur still standing, its also at a range where c.lk c.lk isnt possible so you are more likely to assume an overhead or tick is coming but you can reach 1 c.lk to whatever so it confuses people


Nope, most of the time he does an empty jump, not an early hk or hp.

This makes sense I guess, its just amazing to me that so many players get hit with this. He hits this all of the time, its hard to imagine he can confirm 1 cr. lk into an upper


same idea as low short xx corkscrew blow, but with similar risk and lower reward


Kokujin is a gambling man!

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