Empty lp DR crossup

So I play a pretty decent but basic Bison and I’ve neglected to use this. I saw Neurosis use it a lot at Canda Cup etc. and I’ve been trying it out in training mode and sometimes instead of crossing up after an untechable knockdown like I want it to I’ll just land right in front. What determines whether it crosses up or not? I’ve been trying holding the button down, not holding it down, changing directions etc. but it seems kind of random.

Also I’m surprised this strategy isn’t mentioned more often because it seems like an incredible tool against charge chars/to mindfuck more defensive players.

Empty DR consistently crosses up after a backthrow mid screen, not from a front throw. It’s possible to get it from a front throw, but it’s pretty finicky, since front throw spacing is not actually a fixed distance. Generally from a front throw, you have to be throwing into or out of the corner.

It’s really not THAT useful though. Meaty lk scissors is unthrowable, so that makes it useful against like… Makoto, Abel, Honda, Vega and Bison himself. Everyone else can just reversal you in the face.

It is useful. Done correctly, you might change the enemy’s inputs.
Plus, Scissors is unthrowable AND dodges cr.lk, being a good meaty against throw and scissors. Plus, you can crossup Devil into EX Psycho too.
Against some characters, of course you can be reversal’d, but when can’t you? The safest setups against reversals are also the easiest to block.

It’s a good tool but you need to mix it up with headstomps and delayed DR so you’ll land in front of them instead

Also if you want to make the set up worthwhile you really need to get S.Fierce - S.Short - S.Roundhouse down so you can get that damage

I’m not sure I understood correctly this part. Do you mean that the distance at which both characters are left after a forward throw varies depending on the character (assuming mid screen of course)?

The distance depends on where the characters are on the screen when Bison initiates the throw, and how close to the corner you are. Try forward throwing an opponent when you’re cornered and you’ll see that they fly much farther. This usually causes a problem because it messes up the spacing to j.hp safe jump against shotos.

Interesting. Has it been this way since vanilla?

Seems like a bug to me, or do you know what’s the reasoning behind it?

I wonder if it also happens with other throws from the rest of the cast. Still plenty to learn from this game after 3 years for me.

Yeah it’s been that way since vanilla. It’s not a bug, it just a function of the knockdown animation, which throws the opponent really far. Normally the screen limits how far the opponent goes, kind of like back kkk teleport, which goes full screen near the corner.

Bison’s backthrow distance is fixed for the most part, but I don’t know what other characters have this property. I think Yun’s sweep target combo might.

distance? no!

Backthrow, fronthrow, do an imidiatly empty DR always crossup (corner too!) but it’s character spé:you can’t DR crossup Guy, Adon…

fronthrow: do your DR very on free first frame, so very early, the timing is strict, go training