Empty stick casings?

Does anyone make / sell any high quality arcade stick cases, into which i can fit my own custom parts?

im not looking for a HRAP / Nubytec / Pelican stick to mod, im looking for an empty “custom” case to fit arcade parts too…

the reason is im better with electronics than I am with wood, perspex, screws and glue and would make a hash of making a nice, classy looking case!

Try asking Finkle in the trading post, he sells cases by themselves.

My friend had two wood cases for sale, he should still have one. He’s charging 30 + shipping, you can find him on aim at aiy1ym.

And if your interested… I’d consider selling just the case of either this: http://s55.photobucket.com/albums/g140/chippermonky/Joysticks/JS2%20-%20Pika%20stick%20Mach%201/ or this: http://s55.photobucket.com/albums/g140/chippermonky/Joysticks/JS3/
I’ll be recutting the lexan on both of them just so you know…

definitely go with finkle. he makes incredible joysticks. not only the joysticks, but the cases. gotta love his cases.

Himura has one empty case left in his Ebay store.


I would buy it.