Empty TE

Hi, i know this isnt in the proper section but, I’m planning on building a new arcade stick soon. And i don’t want to blow like 200 bucks on a TE or HRAP3. My question is (JUST out of curiosity) How much do you think i could buy a TE or HRAP3 on this site, WITHOUT buttons, joystick, pcb etc.

Make a post in Trading Outlet, maybe $50-60 for a blank case?

im too lazy to find a thread and , i dont have enough total posts to post a thread yet >:|

I sold mine for $65 to Canada.

id say maybe 60 to 80 bucks pushing it

Why not just buy one and part out what you don’t want? Assuming you don’t want the buttons or stick you could make a decent amount of your cash back.

people actually sell blank TE cases?

Quote me “And i don’t want to blow like 200 bucks on a TE or HRAP3”

I have no idea i made this thread to see lol

TE is a good case, perfect for modding. The PCB and parts are all really good on their own merits. The pieces all around make for a really good stick. The sum of the parts are greater than the whole with the TE, really. I guess all I could complain is that there aren’t many good button colors. Not a lot of green or blueness.

TEs (at least in America) are around $100 sometimes free shipping.
You could sell the stick for ~20-25 bucks.
You could sell the buttons 8 * 2.5 each for ~20 bucks.
You could sell the PCB for ~ 20 bucks (?)

That’d be a blank case for about 35 bucks (more or less).

Fyi, someone in Trading Outlet is selling a T5 case for around $35, I think. Its a Hori, very similar style to the HRAP3.

T5 is a good cheap stick to mod, as long as you want to put a JLF into it. A Seimitsu stick will require a bit more work.

Hey Drambit i have a empty HRAP 3 case, u can have it for $45+shipping to your country . Let me know i`m from Taiwan BTW

1: The TE itself would generally be about $140 CAD +.
2:add shipping to canada and it will probably be around 200
3:I don’t want to go through the effort of selling the parts

where u located in canada

i sent you a pm

I want an empty TE -.-