Empty Your Mind. Law in 2013



I hope so. I think it makes it better like Lone Dragon said. I hope they didnt kill that move. :frowning:


If that’s true Law will get huge damage off anti-air counter hit flip kicks. That’s pretty crazy because Law was pretty solid pre-2013 but almost everyone else is getting nerfed with barely any compensation.


You’d be right if they increased the Juggle Combo Count. They actually changed it’s USAGE, aka how many juggle points it adds to the meter. Whereas before it only used to add 1 juggle point, now it adds two.


Ah, okay. Damn, that sucks :frowning:


Definitely thinking of picking up Law when the patch drops… what do you guys think are his main tools to get in on projectile characters? I keep getting punished when I try to flying kick through them.

Also, what are your thoughts on the gief matchup for Law? Can’t jump around gief, and you can’t use your b.MP as much because they’re always buffering their ridiculous st. MP.


The matchup is getting better now that Giefs st.mp is getting nerfed and his walk speed is getting nerfed. I go for cr.mk on Gief because it works and since Laws jump arc is so low I use jump Mp to knock him out the air. You can also use St.lk as a footsie tool as well. The more you fight him, the better you will be.


Unless you really know for sure they’re gonna throw a fireball then I wouldn’t recommend flying kick. His slide goes under projectiles just go to training mode and practice the timing, but its a safer way to close the distance



Dragon stance to Dragon knuckle is gonna be useless on both hit and block because it’s not crumple on hit anymore and they removed the armor on dragon knuckle combo. It’s only use is now in juggle combos. Can’t even tag out of it, or maybe they fixed that? we’ll see.


You can tag out of it. It’s just a really strict timing that takes practice. As far as useless, it really doesn’t matter because really good players know that you can stand block every move out if Dragon Stance and punish it. With Cr.HP being Linkable now, you can actually still combo into dragon stance. If they made it to where Law could still crumple along with the fact that he can now link Cr.HP he would be too good. He would get so much damage and have a couple good reset setups with that alone.


Hmm, true… still don’t see a reason to link into Cr.HP to dragon stance knuckle - combo when I can do fist fury rush and shaolin kicks instead for more damage and safer tagging. Or am I missing something?


Nope you’re correct. I was mostly just saying that to show you another point of view.


Dont jump in on law… Jesus that AA is a little too good! But ill take it while it lasts.


What did I say weeks ago? Yeah. SEE YOU GUYS. :slight_smile:


Now both of my characters can anti-air into solid damaging combos. Yay!! :smiley:


<blockquote class=“Quote” rel=“H1gg1n5”>Dont jump in on law… Jesus that AA is a little too good! But ill take it while it lasts.</blockquote>

I used to regularly destroy Law. I mean i use to laugh when i see Law online. He lets opponent jump in on him for free all day to apply pressure.

His Flip kick now has 9 frame of air invincibility? Combo-able and leads to big damage? Big hitbox that basically surroundings law? 5 FRAME ON BLOCK makes it retarded safe? WTF

Its just so utterly ridiculously broken.

What was Capcom thinking…


Now you have to work for it, can’t just freely jump on him anymore… you need to think now. :stuck_out_tongue: He still have weaknesses and bad matchups. His normals does not have that good range compared to many of the other characters. He is also very bad at opening the defense on players that know the matchup and have a decent reaction time.
I would believe he is around mid to high-mid tier, only because he is a good partner. As a solo character he isn’t that good.


so has his BnB changed?


Yes, most of the max damage combos have a lot of flipkicks in them. Check in the combo thread: "Way of the Cooking Dragon" - Marshall Law Combo Thread


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