nice collection man

Really really nice collection. I am almost sad you are selling it

Thanks guys, I just reached that point in my life where I only want to keep the stuff I play (which are the latest fighting games) and nothing else.

tekken stick?

Yep, it’s the wireless Hori one that came in a set with Tekken 6. If interested, PM me and we can work out a deal. Thanks.

nostalgia shootin through the roof

gl on your sale man

are the codes for the MvC3 used ?

Yea they are.

tekken stick still available?


can you hold it for me until the 30th?

Sure, PM me with your location and we’ll take it from there.

im interested in several of your games but your prices are super high man.

I do major discounting on batches. Just PM me what you’re interested in and we can work on it from there.

lol i ment to yesterday, ill hit u up later when im home again.

ill definitely grab the tekken joint.

Hey man,

Sorry but I just found out my roommate sold the stick and Tekken 6 together.

Really sorry for the inconvenience.