EMS Total Control Adapters for Dreamcast.......work well and without Lag?

hi team , …Innovation Dream Connection 2 are very hard to find for purchase…which of the EMS brand work well and without Lag ?..my hope is to get a Hori Real Arcade Pro Stick …mod it with Sanwa buttons and use it on my Dreamcast with a EMS Total Control Adapter…

EMS Total Control 1
EMS Total Control 2
EMS Total Control 3
EMS Total Control Plus

any help is sweet


I have 2 Total Control Plus adapters. They work perfectly =). There isn’t any noticeable lag, so I’d rank this adapter up with the dream connection 2’s.

excellent info Tingboy…keep up the good work man.

Oh and some extra info, Total Control 3’s are for Saturn -> DC, so cross that off unless you plan to use Saturn controllers.

I have a EMS total control plus and they work flawless for Marvel and Cvs2