Emu Naomi - GGXX#R & SVC2




lol wut?

i think there’s already a thread about this somewhere, furthermore, i don’t know what the hell they’re talking about on that website

also, CvS2 is the proper nomenclature

El Semi creates emulator, mameDEV add Naomi to MAME also

wow awesome, hope to see it on GGPO or 2DF soon for some online games :woot:

God, I will finally be able to learn GG with a scene now.

ggXX online http://ggxxnet.mad.buttobi.net/

CPU requirements?
How many FPS?

I’m guessing that it’s going to be pretty hardware intensive, however GGX PC and GGXX PC both ran extremely well on my low end laptop, so I have some hopes.

extremely well on mame? no hope:P
but ElSemi emu it possible, maybe better efficiency from NullDC and Chanka

once this is on mame with cvs2, GGxx:AC and Mvc2 our lives are over.

It if goes to fba, it’s likely 2df will carry it.

FBA atm has no CHD support nor games that need it. It might take some re-coding of the emu to get it to work which might take a lil bit.

2DF with MvC2?!

…in time. :china:

already posted at naomi being cracked thread…

posted by me :woot: :nunchuck:

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shit :stuck_out_tongue:

delete this topic add only R. Belmont info http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=5328922&postcount=3 on this thread

sooooo, how close is this to actually being emulated?

theoretically emulator already was:P but he did not relase this… “someone” was banged on this project.
other goods message that several emulators can appear ElSemi, MAME and possible on Makaron (in future - I have hope)

Wasn’t arcana naomi to?

I know naomi emulation works within nullDC since like Febuary or March or something, I have played MvC2 on it and it ran great :D, how close it is to being a seperate emu, I have no Idea.

games I want to emu, mainly so i can play them online

GGAC,Arcana Heart 2 (I think its naomi edit: its not, as stated below) , MvC2.

edit: what the crap guys I can see some slightly negative rep points but like 19413, isn’t that a little excessive. Im sorry I mentioned MBAA(which I will be buying when the PC release comes out), but I seriously just want it so I can play the games I own for PS2 or wii (lol GGAC on wii don’t flame) online jeez, and I was using a MvC2 disk, emulators can run real games I sometimes forget that ppl use them instead of their system cause I use mine cause they are a laptop and bringing a PS1 and Tv is a little silly in a car.

confirmed by drkIIRaziel