Emulate Hori Fighting Edge PS3 as XBOX 360 controller


I want to play Killer Instinct on PC. Unfortunately I only have a Fighting Edge for PS3 which is supported by most fighting games on PC, but not by Killer Instinct.
Has anyone a solution for me, how I can use my fighting edge and emulate it as XBOX controller?


Use this: http://www.x360ce.com/


I tried, but sor some reason its not working… is there a tutorial how to do it with killer instinct?


Xbox 360 CE (x360ce) has been said to add input lag, even if its just a few ms. Apparently some people are sensitive enough to notice it.

Here is a driver based solution that will add Xinput support to DirectInput devices, similar to X360CE. Most people said that this adds no input lag at all. This also can work where x360CE might not.

Install the driver first, then map your inputs.
most common mistake people make is not “Starting” the driver after it’s installed.
If you hear the USB connect sound, then you started it correctly.

This will NOT work on ANY device that has native Xinput support (e.g. a genuine Xbox 360 controller), UNLESS the device also has a directinput component with a different configuration–most Madcatz Xbox 360 TE sticks run on PC are like that, e.g. the RT and LT “analog” buttons are seen as digital normal buttons in the madcatz directinput driver, but X360 madcatz sticks also have a native Xinpiut component also, so it would work (even if unneeded) with a TE stick, but not with a Qanba Q4 stick in Xbox 360 mode (but would work with it in PS3 mode).

Anyway try this with your stick.

BTW while im at it, if you ever need something that works in reverse, you can try this:

This ONLY works with xinput devices! So it won’t work with the FE, but will with an Xbox 360 controller.


Thx man, that worked perfectly!! :slight_smile:


Np, Enjoy!